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  • Jayson W. Rumball

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    Marisa Prince

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I have 2 children at Oakwood Elementary and one at Brandon Preschool Academy. My degree is from the College of Engineering at Georgia Tech and I have a Wayne State MBA. We are a General Motors family and I spend a majority of my time in and around Brandon Township. I really enjoy living here and I want to participate in making decisions regarding Brandon Township. I am drawn to public service because I really enjoy meeting people, helping people, and I feel that all people deserve quality representation. My strongest skill is my ability to make decisions after doing my own fact-finding. I prefer to verify information that is presented to me and while I don't have all of the answers, I know where to find them. I have a passion for Brandon Township and its businesses and residents. I want to make our Township even better for all residents and since I have lived in so many areas in Southeast Michigan, I have experienced a variety of municipalities and amenities. Brandon Township is where we have chosen to raise our family and I look forward to serving here. I value the safety and security that we enjoy here in Ortonville, while I also recognize that improvements are needed.
I hear about the same issues over and over again from voters and I consider these to be priorities: 1. Infrastructure - specifically, roads and a lack of sewers in the Village and along M15. I hear from residents on unpaved roads that the speed limits are too high, the dust thrown up by traffic is excessive, there are dangerous curves and dips, and the maintenance is lacking (pot holes and wash boarding). I also hear about the lack of retail and restaurants downtown and along M15 due to the lack of sewers. I would use feedback from residents and use accident data to determine where speed limits need to be adjusted. I would also aggressively pursue sewers and seek funding from outside of the Township/Village. 2. We have a lack of middle-class housing which is affecting Brandon Schools enrollment and the health of the district and affects our tax base. I plan to bring a fresh perspective and a new energy to the Board of Trustees and I am open to increasing the availability of affordable housing here for families and seniors alike. 3. I still consider the Iron Belle Trail to be a priority issue here. I am not satisfied with how the trails were handled. I plan to pursue it.