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Cameron Co. County Judge

  • Carlos Cascos (Rep) Certified Public Accountant

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What leadership qualities do you have that make you uniquely qualified to preside over County Commissioner's Court?

What, in your view, are the most important challenges to the office you are seeking, and how can you best serve your constituency during your term of office?

What is your position on the use of county, state and federal funds for conservation of natural resources?

What is your position on the Second Causeway? West Loop project?

How do you react to accusations of bribery and corruption in the county?

What is your position on granting future tax abatements for the two remaining proposed LNG companies locating here? Would that position be different if it were another company wanting to locate in Cameron County?

Age 65
Education BA Govt UT Austin, CPA
Experience 12 yrs County Commissioner, 8 years County Judge, 2 years Sec of State
Military Service N/A
List of endorsers None
Having sat on the commissioner's court as county judge & the only republican, I was able to bring together the commissioners court on various issues....enhancements to infrastructure, constuction of the west rail, new animal shelter, keeping taxes one of the lowest along the border, adopting budgets without significant increases in property taxes & living within our means. As a former Sec of State, I can proudly say that I am probably one of the very few that has developed strong relationships with much of the state leadership & various appointees that will benefit our area, such as the TxDot, TCEQ, GLO...agencies that counties work with on a regular basis. My phone calls get returned by many of the agencies Cameron County must deal with.
We are really not that much different from other regions throughout this state. I recognized as I traveled throughout the state, visiting 142 different cities during my term as SOS. The need for infrastructure resources is always at the forefront. Managing a budget, and maintaining property taxes low is always a challenge if we wish to continue providing basic services to our residents. I have served my constituency by always being accessible, transparent & fair to all, regardless of their party affiliation, economic status or background.
My position is to conserve all of our natural resources & working with state & federal officials to insure that.
The second causeway is a no brainer, however, the funding of this project is now stands at an approximate cost in excess of $400 million. There is a need, but the question is, how do we pay for it? It will take cooperation not only with the Texas Department of Transportation, but possibly looking for private investors. We must look toward the future to gauge what the economic impact will be to Cameron County once this causeway is built, which I believe will be positive. The West Loop project is a touchy subject. I believe, with a 100' Right of Way, if designed properly, can accomodate vehicular traffic & trails. I would make it a truck free corridor.
As public officials, we are held to a higher standard. I have never been accused of bribery, giving a bribe or receiving one. I have never been accused of conflicts of interest or self serving. I believe that the perception of corruption can be as damaging as corruption itself. As an example, while I was county judge, I formed committees to evaluate proposals from various vendors wanting to do business with the county, to avoid the perception of a conflict between vendors & members of the court. It is my understanding that the committee process has been eliminated. I would bring that procedure back.
I supported tax abatements when I believed the return on investment was a benefit to the county & all local, state & federal regulations were followed. SpaceX comes to mind. I supported the abatement because I believed the investment would pay dividends to the county in terms of job creation, investment, tourism & increased property values resulting in more tax revenue to the county. I would use the same criteria for LNG or any other industry. It would need to make economic & ecological sense.