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Midland County Judge 2018

Often thought of as the County’s Chief Executive Officer, a County Judge has a large range of judicial and administrative powers.The Midland County Judge is a voting member of the Midland County Commissioners’ Court who works with the other members of the court to approve the County budget and implement county government operations within the business of the County.Although a Judge must be well-informed of the law, there is no requirement for them to have a legal degree or license to practice in the capacity of County Judge.

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    Terry Johnson

  • Steven Schafersman

Describe the training and experience that qualify you for the office.

What are the most critical issues facing the office for which you are running and what would you do to resolve them?

What is your vision for the future of your community? What specific goals would guide you to this vision?

field service company that has employed up to 185 people. I have dealt with financing, budgets, planning, employee issues from hiring to firing and payroll. I know how to weather the economic storms of our economy. I have started 4 businesses and sold 3 of them to move to be where I am today.
The lack of transparency along with apathy from this court has caused me to want to lend my expertise to the running of our county government. I will open communication with taxpayers in the county and do what the taxpayers who are served want. Getting our County government back to doing the basics extremely well and not venturing off into Legacy projects that reflect on the politicians. Keeping needed services provided at a reasonable expense while keeping total tax revenues as low as possible. Maintain a cushion in budget but do away with extremely large surpluses. State of the art law enforcement by insuring Sheriff’s office has needed funding for up to date equipment, supplies, facilities and personnel. Combining resources with City, State and Federal to expedite joint interests. Work with City on all aspects of overlapping services to maximize benefits and reduce costs to all. The privatization of the Horseshoe to the detriment of the citizens of Midland County needs to be reversed and handled by Midlander’s for the sole benefit of Midlander’s. Code of conduct, ethics and confidence reinserted into County government.
I plan on bringing County web site up to provide all contact info, to include mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and office hours for citizens to have. I intend to put all projects up on web site along with proposed plans, budgets, bidders, and all info associated with what the county has going on along with the stage of that particular project. Any major project will have the approval of the majority of taxpayers before that project moves forward. There will be open and honest discussion/debate on any expenditure over and above ordinary recurring county operational expenses. Budgeting will be reviewed with automatic increases denied. Real world budgeting practices will be implemented to insure the taxpayer gets value for services provided. I will concentrate of safety for our families and our property. I will curtail any project that is not in the interest of the majority of the taxpayers of Midland County.
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