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Guadalupe County Commissioner, Pct. 2

As a group, the commissioners and county judge are the chief policy-making and administrative branch of county government. Among their many functions, the court sets the tax rate, determines fees for many county services, and determines how the collected revenues will be distributed among different county departments to provide services to the community.
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    Drew Engelke (Rep) Educator and businessman

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    Randall K. Herzog (Rep) Equipment Salesman/Farmer/Rancher

  • Ralph Jack Shanafelt (Rep)

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1 – What motivates you to run?

2 - How has your education and experience prepared you for this position?

3 – In your view, what is most important issue that the Guadalupe County Commissioners Court needs to address today? How would you address the issue?

4 - What is your view of the role of compromise in politics?

5 - If elected, what is your message to those who did not vote for you?

6 - Would you support county funding for preservation of natural areas and watersheds?

7 - Given recent pressures on water resources, transportation and infrastructure, would you support asking the Texas State Legislature for limited additional authority for growing counties to preserve the quality of life?

Education Bachelor of Science - Geography Master's Degree in Applied Geography - Southwest Texas State University
Experience 27 years small business owner and 13 years teaching at Texas Lutheran University and Texas A&M in San Antonio
Candidate Email
I have been serving my community on a volunteer basis in many organizations for the past 30 years. I enjoy helping people and I see this as a great opportunity to serve my county on a full-time and active basis. My children and their future in this county are my inspiration and motivation to run for Republican County Commissioner in Precinct 2 of Guadalupe County.
My experience as a small business owner and university level educator has taught me to respect and listen to people. Serving the past 5 years on the Planning and Zoning Commission, currently serving as Chairman, has taught me how procedures, policies and organization of municipal government is performed on a daily basis. As a member of the Guadalupe County Appraisal Review Board for the past 3 years, serving as Vice Chairman last year, I learned the appraisal process in the county and the role a taxpayer plays in the budgeting process for the county. My Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Geography encompass the planning and knowledge necessary to serve in a confident and positive manner as a Commissioner for Guadalupe County. I will be able to evaluate needs in an intellectual demeanor and plan smartly for the future.
The rapid growth upon the rural landscape and farmlands of the county. I would work diligently with developers, municipalities and landowners to plan smartly and fight to maintain our rural landscape when development occurs. Planning for larger lot subdivisions will be a key factor in the plan to effectively preserve our "country" setting in the current Blackland Prairie sections of Precinct 2. With this growth the infrastructure needs must be maintained and improved. This is done by proper planning of the budget to address these needs and working as a part of the Commissioner's Court team to plan effectively for future needs.
I always look for a solution to a problem. If a compromise is the only solution then I support this. However; to compromise for the benefit of one over the other I do not support.
I promise to the taxpayer that I will be active and responsive to your needs in a full-time manner. I will do everything I can to listen and respond everyday, with a positive and common sense approach. I will mange the budget conservatively and responsibly.
Yes, I support the preservation of natural areas and watersheds.
Yes I would support asking the Texas State Legislature for limited additional authority for Guadalupe County.
Education Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Education-Southwest Texas State University (Texas State)
Experience Owning a family farm and ranch operation in Guadalupe County has been part of my career since college. I am currently an equipment salesman at Ewald Kubota in Seguin where I have been for 27 years.
Candidate Email
Guadalupe County Precinct 2 needs a strong leader with new concepts and plans for this growing community. I have been asked to run for this position by several constituents because of my leadership, management, listening and negotiating capabilities. My vision is to see that Guadalupe County continues to move forward in making good judgments that are practical and sensible. I believe that a calm and common sense approach to any problem solving situation will get results. I look forward to being a voice and represent the entire population including the diverse communities, neighborhoods and businesses within Precinct 2.
As an experienced salesman and farmer/rancher, I will be committed and dedicated to be available to my constituents at all times. I will be open to active communication and accessibility. I hold a high standard of work ethic and feel a challenge should be addressed and resolved as quickly as possible. My experiences in budget planning, purchasing and the specifications of equipment will be a benefit in making competent financial decisions for county purchases. With my work experience, my knowledge of Precinct 2 and my availability, I will make the best candidate for your commissioner.
Throughout the past years, the city of Seguin, New Braunfels and San Marcos have seen tremendous growth expanding into the rural areas of Precinct 2. The rural landscapes and agricultural regions of our community are fast developing and consideration needs to be taken on transportation and water drainage. I am prepared to see the growth develop with a need to maintain suitable roadways and water runoff that will generate a safe environment for the residents of Precinct 2. The Geronimo area and Navarro School District are facing several issues with traffic flow due to the residential and business growth in this area. I envision the state, county, city and school district developing a plan to reduce the congestion on the roadways and provide safety for all students and motorists.
The role of compromise can be effective when using your best judgement when it comes to serving the interest of the people.
The future and growth of Precinct 2 needs a leader with new ideas and outlooks. I will lead with openness and honesty. My hope is that you will see my willingness to work for the good of the county and I will welcome any ideas that you have. I will do my best to lead with the best interests of all the constituents and work hard every day to earn your trust.
A large amount of the growth and projected growth in Precinct 2 is occurring in the rural and agricultural areas. I would support county funding for preservation of natural areas and watersheds with a goal to protect these natural resources from any destruction due to uncontrolled growth. Concerns are developing due to recreational activities and development and planning for controlled pollution, protecting streams and managing storm water is a priority. Helping to improve, preserve and protect the traditional character of the landscape and quality of life that is present.
Yes, I would support asking the Texas State Legislature for additional authority for growing counties to preserve the quality of life keeping in mind that we need to protect our natural resources from over development.
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