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The primary role of the District Clerk's Office is to support the district court system. The district clerk is the official recorder, registrar and custodian of all court pleadings, instruments and papers that are part of any district court case. Other duties include indexing and securing all court records, recording all court verdicts, collecting filing fees, and handling funds held in litigation and money awarded to minors. Additional responsibilities include maintaining a list of court fines and jury fees.The district clerk is the officer of the court in charge of the jury selection process and acts as a liaison between the jurors, courts and employers. This responsibility includes summoning, selecting, swearing and impaneling both petit and grand juries for district courts.A significant number of miscellaneous duties are assigned to this office. These include accepting passport applications in counties with no local passport agency, taking depositions of witnesses, and administering oaths and affirmations.
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    Kristy Dunn (Rep) Educator

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1 – What motivates you to run?

2 – What qualities are needed for a successful district clerk? How have you demonstrated these in your work?

3 – If elected, what measurable goals would you work to achieve?

4 – How has your education and experience prepared you for the responsibilities of district clerk?

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Education High School Graduate; Certified by Texas Center for the Judiciary in Trial Court Administration and Trial Court Management
Experience 23 Years with Guadalupe County serving the District Court System from the Guadalupe County CSCD, 25th Judicial District Attorney's Office and the past 14 years as the Court Administrator for the 25th Judicial District Court, Judge William D. Old III, Presiding
Campaign Phone Number (830) 372-3729
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Running for any public office is not something to be taken lightly, but for the past 23 years I have worked within the district court system. While serving as the Court Administrator for the 25th Judicial District, I have seen first hand a clerk’s office that has become complacent, mired with high turnover and low morale. I knew that now more than ever it was the right time to step in, step up and run for Guadalupe County District Clerk. I was motivated to run for District Clerk because I see a need that I knew I wanted to be part of. It is about seeing an office that needs someone who is willing to give their all to do what is right to get the office back to running efficiently and effectively and serving the public in ways that I know the office is capable of doing.

I respectfully ask for your vote for District Clerk in the March 6th, Republican Primary.
The District Clerk is in a position of public trust and the individual elected to lead this office should be beyond reproach. Many confidential and sensitive documents are handled on a daily basis and the office of the District Clerk should be led by someone with honesty and integrity. I am that person. I have held the respected and trusted position of court administrator and worked along side two different District Court Judges and earned their respect as well as the respect of court staff, attorneys, other elected officials as well as litigants and the public. I am proud to say I am known for my strong work ethic, my reputation for doing what is right and always giving 100 percent in everything I do.
Finding a balance in maintaining fiscal responsibility and being able to keep up the demands of running an efficiently functioning public office is not only a goal, but something that needs to be implemented.

One of the biggest goals I will achieve will be retraining and resetting the mindset of the current employees in the Guadalupe County District Clerk’s Office. On a regular basis, I deal closely with our District Clerk offices as well as multiple other County and District Clerk’s and their staff. In doing so, I have seen how efficient other clerks’ offices are staffed, trained and educated, and how they work to serve the public with the highest level of integrity, pride and customer service. This level of service starts at the top, and the District Clerk needs to lead by example, which is why now is the time for change.
In working for the Guadalupe County CSCD, the 25th Judicial District Attorney and two District Judges for the last 14 years, I have gained invaluable knowledge. This knowledge includes every type of case filing--criminal, civil, tax, juvenile and family law cases. I know the entire legal process and have the knowledge of the court system from cases being filed, every type of legal document, legal deadlines and service requirements.

I have knowledge of the jury system, from summoning and impaneling a Grand Jury, petit jury panels and what is required from the district clerk’s office in a criminal or civil jury proceeding. The main role of the District Clerk is to serve and support the District Court and its Judges. I have earned the respect of the District Judges in Guadalupe County and have developed a reputation of having the strongest of work ethics. I believe working alongside the District Judges has helped to prepare me for what is needed to be a successful District Clerk.
Education I graduated from Southwest Texas State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a minor in Spanish. I hold a Lifetime Certification from the State Board of Education. I have also received extensive training and professional development for Advanced Placement education, English Language Learners education, and Special Education services. These professional development trainings focus on understanding, upholding and executing mandates from the State of Texas and the U.S. Department of Education.
Experience I have 22 years experience as a Secondary Educator. I have also served as Department Chairperson, Grade Level Lead, and Athletic and Academic Coach. Currently, I serve on my school's campus-wide Professional Learning Community team. My civic experience includes serving as Secretary on the Executive Board for the Guadalupe County Crime Stoppers.
Campaign Phone Number (210) 274-6240
Candidate Email
I am motivated to run for two main reasons. First, about a year ago, I was approached by several people, who use the District Clerk’s office regularly, to consider running to bring a fresh, leadership perspective to the office. Second, and as time went on, I truly began to see what an incredible opportunity this would be to continue my call in public service. I’ve served in various leadership roles in public education over the past 22 years and I believe my experience as a leader will make a real difference and bring growth to the office and Guadalupe County as a whole. My desire to pursue my education beyond high school demonstrates the value I hold with continuing education, and as a proactive approach to holding this office, I have been reaching out to District Clerks around Texas to learn their best practices. My professionalism and positive leadership are what make me the best candidate for this position.
The position of District Clerk is one of leadership. Its purpose is to guide, direct and inspire the employees to be the best they can be so that they may serve the public to the best of their ability. The position also requires that the team of employees carry out their statutory duties effectively and with discretion and professionalism. I am the best candidate for this position because I am the only candidate with proven leadership experience. I have worked extensively with the management of sensitive student and family records in many educational, medical and socioeconomic matters as mandated by the State of Texas, with emphasis on federal laws such as FERPA and HIPPA. My state teaching certification has remained in good standing as result of my exemplary discretion and accuracy over the years. As a team lead and coach, it has also been my responsibility to accurately maintain a budget to efficiently manage my department or teams. I exceeded expectations for fiscal responsibility.
I have always felt that whenever a change in leadership happens, there is a learning curve that must take place by both the leader and the employees. One aspect of my plan to address this challenge is to evaluate the strengths and areas of improvement of each employee. With this information I can guide the team to exceeding their individual expectations for professionalism and service. Continuing education for every employee is a major priority for me. When employees are valued and appreciated, there’s no limit to their potential. I am also looking at this challenge in a positive manner. I will be coming into the office with a fresh set of eyes and will have no preconceived opinions about the employees. What employees will find out about me is that I am not a micro-manager. Most true leaders aren’t.
The position of District Clerk and my current role as an Educator are truly very similar. Both require execution of policy and state mandates with integrity and professionalism. In addition, both roles involve financial management and stewardship. Efficient and effective use of financial resources is imperative. Finally, the role of leading a team to achieve the highest standards set is consistent with that of an educator. Moving people, whether students or employees, in a positive direction is the mark of a true leader. For the District Clerk’s office, that means leading my team to higher performance standards and better customer service. I will bring an enriched perspective and new approach to the office that will be incredibly beneficial to the employees and everyone who does business here. This is truly why Leadership Is the Difference.