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Guadalupe Judge, County Court-at-Law

This Court Hears: Contested Probate & All Guardianships Family Law Juvenile Law Civil Law up to $200,000.00 Condemnations Appeals from a Lower Court - De Novo Appeals of Eviction and Small Claims Matters from all four Justice of the Peace Courts Misdemeanor Drug Court Juvenile Drug Court Veterans Court
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    Robin V. Dwyer (Rep) Judge, County Court at Law of Guadalupe County

  • Bill Squires (Rep)

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1 – What motivates you to run?

2 - There is a perception in the public today that partisan politics are influencing the judicial system. How can that be corrected?

3 - What do you regard as the most important role of the county judge?

4 - How do you ensure cases are heard in a timely manner and justice is served?

5 - Do you believe that all citizens have adequate access to legal assistance in the legal system? If not, what can be done to provide wider and better access?

6 – On a daily basis, what is the number one challenge faced by the court? What are your plans for addressing it?

7 – If elected, what measurable goals would you work to achieve?

Education Seguin High school 1971; University of Texas at Austin 1975 BA in Govt; St. Mary's University School of Law 1978, Juris Doctor; Editorial Board St. Mary's Law Journal 77-78
Experience Practiced Law in a general ,civil litigation law firm in San Antonio for 18 years doing civil litigation, real estate, probate, family law; Bankruptcy and general civil practice; Moved my practice to downtown Seguin in 1996 and continued a general civil practice and began doing appointed felony criminal cases by order of the District Court until a change in the law no longer required I do so.; Judge, County Court at Law since January 1, 2015
Campaign Phone Number (830) 379-1661
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I have been an Attorney for almost 40 years with broad experience in the mainly civil matters which this court exclusively handles. I am the incumbent, having served for 3 years and two and one half months and want to continue to provide solutions to the many problems that bring the public into the various dockets handled by this court: Civil cases up to $200,000; All contested Probate matters including Guardianships; Family Law; All the Juvenile cases under the Family Code; Appeals from the four Justice of the Peace Courts for evictions and small claims; Three Treatment courts including the Veteran's Treatment Court. I handle cases that affect children, in Juvenile and Family Court, Intellectually disabled and elderly in Guardianships and many other of the most vulnerable populations in our system of Justice. I have the experience, Judgment and common sense to do this job and want to continue doing so for another four years.
Other than traditional conservative family values of a lifelong Republican, I don't see that "partisan" really affects what my Court does day in and day out. As a true Constitutional Conservative my job requires following the law created by the legislature as interpreted by the appellate courts and applying the facts in each case to make decisions I believe to be fair and equitable. Whether that means deciding the "best interests" of children or whether to detain or release a Juvenile or resolve disputes over Probate matters my guide is the law, the evidence and common sense. This election is a Republican Primary and I believe the person elected to be the Party's nominee should have experience, longevity and active participation in the Republican party. I am that person, having been President of the Young Republicans in high school to precinct chairman for 20 plus years and involved in electing conservative Republicans. My opponent has no such involvement. No correction needed.
This bench is a Statutory County Court at Law, created by the legislature, paid for by the county and requires a law license to be eligible to serve. NOT a constitutional County Judge. So my answer is as to what I do. Listen, apply the law as written, understand the circumstances and needs of the litigants and your community and have the Judgment and demeanor to make the many difficult decisions that are presented to this mainly civil court in a fair and equitable manner.
I get Office of Court Administration reports monthly for civil and Probate cases filed in my court. I review them and any cases that have no activity after the prescribed periods set of by the Texas Supreme Court are placed on a dismissal docket every other month if needed and either dismissed or retained if a motion is filed and the plaintiff appears and shows good cause. If retained the order specifies that it must be set for final disposition within 30 days. If not done the case is dismissed. Family law matters are shared with the three district courts and records are not supplied. I hear family law cases every two weeks and have numerous special settings (more that two hours or a trial) in between. Juvenile detention hearings are required every 48 hours after a juvenile is detained and those are heard every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I hear all juvenile cases in Guadalupe County. I keep tabs on orders to come by a calendar that requires they be submitted in 30 days.
No. Often in certain types of cases there is no law that provides free legal assistance at the Government's expense. The bar helps somewhat and many lawyers provide below market assistance to help solve problems for the indigent and less fortunate. Only Juveniles accused of delinquent conduct are provided court appointed attorneys in my Court. the Texas Supreme Court has provided guidance to pro Se litigants and directed courts to help them which we all do. Complicated issues involve money and naturally have more participants with the ability to hire counsel. It is a problem the legislature and Our appellate courts address every two years and is a function of the legislative branch of government, not the Judiciary to solve or address that issue.
Pursuing a solution to what are sometimes intractable problems in families, with children in inappropriate home settings and the lack of resources to address those issues. Much of that solution requires the legislative branch of government to recognize a need and provide funding or expand ways of addressing the needs. My plan is to continue working hard with the resources I have to make reasonable orders that allow the best use of taxpayer funds and resources to address those issues. There really isn't One challenge but a variety of them that create a need for effective ways to solve problems. It certainly doesn't involve being quicker or tougher, rather smarter and carefully consider approaches to get the needed results.
Many "measures" of success require time. In Juvenile cases it is whether the child does not get involved in the Adult criminal system. In family law it is whether the relationships of parents and children can be salvaged and healed. In probate it is can an estate be administered , creditors paid and estate assets distributed to the heirs at the least cost and in a short time. Quantifying that is difficult if not impossible. This is not a criminal court where you look at cases filed and count how many are disposed. My goal is to provide justice, avoid exploitation of Wards, fix problems with Juveniles that bring them into the system as mandated by the legislature, and hear all the matters timely. The Office of Court Administration records say this court is doing what is required in civil cases and the narrative that there is a backlog of cases is simply false. Many litigants come to my court because others are unavailable. Counting cases does not mean successful outcomes.
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