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Comal County Commissioner, Pct. 4

Each year, the court adopts the county tax rate and the county budget, setting the salary and budget for independent elected officials, as well as outlining expenditures for departments under the direct control of the court. As the administrative head of county government, the court has the authority enact county-wide policies, and to the extent provided by law, to enact legislation in the form of court orders. The court also exercises varying degrees of oversight over subsidiary county boards and commissioners, which may differ from county to county, but which commonly include drainage districts, irrigation districts, housing authorities and the like. In some instances, the court may also serve as the board of directors for these special districts or authorities, as well as fulfill the role of county school board.
  • G. Ted Ballard (Rep)

  • Dorothy Carroll (Dem)

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    Jen Crownover (Rep) Comal County Commissioner, Precinct 4

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    Jeanne Slupik (Rep) U.S. Army Retired

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1 – What motivates you to run?

2 - How has your education and experience prepared you for this position?

3 – In your view, what is most important issue that the Comal County Commissioners Court needs to address today? How would you address the issue?

4 - What is your view of the role of compromise in politics?

5 - If elected, what is your message to those who did not vote for you?

6 - Would you support county funding for preservation of natural areas and watersheds?

7 - Given recent pressures on Comal County water resources, transportation and infrastructure, would you support asking the Texas State Legislature for limited additional authority for the county to preserve our quality of life?

I have lived in Comal County for 34 years and have seen our community change from the era when we were a very rural community, to the dynamic growth that makes our county number 3 in growth in Texas and one of the fastest in the nation. For years I was concerned that unless we had a county government responsive to this growth, we could become an area that would be less than desireable to live. The sustainabilty of our resources would be pushed to the limit. The changes I saw were not all good. Our roads were deteriorating from the increased traffic, crime soared to a point the county is building a 900 bed jail complex (which we are told is inadequate), the water quality in the Canyon Lake and Guadalupe River is deteriorating and urban sprawl was our "only plan" which I believe is making our quality of life worse. I felt my education and experience a builder/developer/student/businessman would allow me to contribute in obtaining a new and "Positive Direction". People are going to
I have built and developed subdivisions, multi family communities, daycare centers, shopping centers, office buildings, and helped develop land in compliance with TCEQ regulations. I graduated from West Texas State University with a degree in economics and government. I attended the Graduate School at Trinity University, with a core study in the nationally recognized Urban Studies Department under the Former Chair, Dr. Lewis. My life experience in finance, construction and development have prepared me day one to not only develop a "Master Plan" for the north of Comal County but to make the plan proceed to reality. A hallmark of my campaign is to insure our major highways are constructed to both accomodate traffic but to provide storm water drainage to protect the Canyon Reservoir and the Guadalupe River from contaminated runoff. My experience in complying with TCEQ regulations makes me unique in this race as someone who knows not only the requirements for this protection but how to
Highway construction, major thoroughfare improvement and addressing stormwater runoff with potential contamination of Canyon reservoir and the Guadalupe Rivers are the most important issues facing the north of Comal County. The County has doubled its debt from 60 million dollars to 152 million today and we have no plan to improve our major thoroughfares which include Hoffman Lane, Purgatory Road, Cranes Mill Road, Rebecca Creek Road to name a few. These roads are listedby the county as major thoroughfares but are narrow two lane roads that are anything but major thoroughfares. Our County must find a way to fund the improvement of these collector roads. In addition we have subdivisions located at FM 306 and US 281 that have unpaved roads. Many of which are impassable to the sheriff and emergency vehicles. These roads need to be paved. This has to priority one. I have a proposal that would segregate 4.9 million dollars annually for the pavement of these roads and improve our major thoro
My life as a builder is predicated on compromise. In the many zoning cases I have been involved in in San Antonio dictate that no one person can always get what they want. I see that in my own community. I hear every day in this campaign, I want the growth to stop and better roads and a bridge will just bring more people. But like I have always believed, making conditions worse to make your community less desireable to live in, is not a good option. So I ask everyone to take a deep breath and give me the five things you think you want and the five things you do not. Then I ask them to reduce their number to three and so on. This continues until we can get to an agreed outcome. Sometimes people take irrrational positions and it is difficult, but my life experience tells me that for the most part, people can agree. I have known former Governor Anne Richards, President Ronald Reagan, and have observed other great compromisers in government. Being intransigent leads to gridlock. So I plan
I fully understand differences of opinion. I voted for the incumbent in the office I now seek in 2014. I now have a difference of opinion. That is the beauty of American politics. However, my mind and the door to my office will be open day one, to both supporters and the never Ballard people. Sometimes in my life, the very people I argued with became good friends. I can remember a story about President Lincoln. At the end of the civil war he went to Virginia and asked the band to play an old favorite of his, "Dixie". I often thought what a great example of moving on.
I have been successful in working with the Nature Conservancy, a national non-profit endowment, in Bexar County that has resulted in large areas set aside for greenbelt. I believe in a set aside as you go approach, that would require as part of the platting process greenbelt set asides as a pre-requisite. This would be part of what I would be asking the legislature to address in changing platting standards in emerging urban counties. Absent the legislature approving this common sense approach, funding will be difficult, given our immediate infrastructure needs. The problems with our jail project and a tax burden that has placed our county number 14 out of 254 counties in Texas from the top. Texas is now number 3 nationally in property tax burden. We have have lost our ability to be flexible as a result of in my opinion, wrong priorities. We have to be smart how we can achieve green space acquisition which is vital to our quality of life. I think everyone
YES, I have previously set forth the need for legislative action to grant new platting and regulatory authorities for emerging urban counties. One size does not fit all. We can start the process by improving our major thoroughfares and examining the limited use of the powers we already have. I know how to achieve a model subdivision platting standard similar to what was accomplished in Minnesota. This has to be a top legislative priority and would be good for the community and for developers. We can improve our community with a common sense platting law that will help with the Smaller-Smarter government I advocate. Thank you for inviting my participation in your forum.
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Education BBA in Business Administration, with emphasis on Marketing & Communications
Experience I currently serve in this office, and am seeking re-election. My previous experience is in marketing and communications (of which I have a Bachelor’s degree), and I had my own business consulting in marketing, advertising, and public relations for a myriad of different types of businesses. I am also a wife and mother of two fine boys, ages 15 & 17.
Twitter @votecrownover
Campaign Phone Number (830) 515-8610
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I love my job, and I'd like to continue another 4 years in service to my community!

I feel like I have raised the bar for proactive communication in our county and my precinct, and I am looking forward to doing more. Never before has a Comal County Commissioner actively and consistently carried hours out in the county (in the stretches of the precinct), published a newsletter (funded by donations, not taxpayer dollars), been active on different mediums of social media, and sponsored and hosted different educational functions to reach and educate constituents on different land rights issues.

I’m also very active and consistent in my communications with TXDOT, and our State Representative and State Senator on issues that affect our communities.
Communication has been a huge gap between County Government and the community for a very long time. My background in marketing, communications and public relations have been pivotal in raising the bar for the community. While it is very important to have a balance of talents on Commissioners Court to address many different issues, I have filled a void within the team.
Growth. Growth. Growth. With the limited authority that we have in County Government—granted by the State Legislature, growth plagues our county. We are the 6th fastest growing county in the entire nation. We have to do everything we can to get ahead of the curve and serve our citizens. Land rights are a delicate balance. While citizens only control the soil to their fence-line, it is important to advocate for the county when land transactions are happening (when we can be aware, which is also not always the case). When an opportunity arises to have input on the development of property, it is in our citizens’ best interest to jump on it. Public Improvement Districts are one way we can do just that. They allow us to have input on developments where we otherwise wouldn’t. They are not a burden to taxpayers as a whole, they are transparent, and contained within their developments, and folks who buy in are aware up front.
As a member of Commissioners Court, I realize I am part of a team. I appreciate that, and do my best to represent my nearly 35,000 constituents. I am not afraid to force a vote on something I believe is the right thing to do on behalf of those I represent. I also am not afraid to communicate difficult topics to my constituents when they are the right thing to do, but not popular.

One small example, early in my term, was the publishing of my newsletter—which was a campaign promise to voters. At first, it was not very popular with other members of the Court. It is not an expensive undertaking (only a couple hundred dollars a year), but, faced with the challenge, I solicited donations from the community, and now it is cheerfully underwritten by donations from citizens, and I continue to publish it on a regular basis for our citizens.
I look forward to continuing to work for you, and will work very hard to earn your confidence. I represent the entire precinct, not just a select few. Republican, Democrat, or otherwise. I have stepped up to do the right thing in the interest of all of my citizens.
Yes. I think it is important for the preservation of our land and water resources, and a responsible use of funds to also preserve the heritage of our county. At some point, you have to be at the table, and cannot rely solely on others to carry the flag.
Limited, sure. Property rights are a delicate issue. I have fought in senate committees during my term to educate our State Senate on bills that affect land rights—and I will continue to do so. I will also continue to work alongside our state senator and representative to encourage them to pass responsible legislation that positively affects citizens in this regard.
Education BSW- Bachelor Degree - Social Work U.S. Army Command and General Staff College
Experience U.S. Army - Platoon Leader, Detachment Commander, Company Commander, Deputy Brigade Commander, Battalion Commander. Small Business Owner. President, Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce; President, Canyon Lake Republican Women; Senior Warden, Saint Francis by the Lake Episcopal Church; CISD Independent Study Mentor
Campaign Phone Number (210) 563-4038
Candidate Email
My motivation to run is twofold: I became actively involved with county politics through the mentorship of Jan Kennady, the immediate past commissioner of this precinct, and I have been encouraged by the support of so many constituents, and humbled by their belief in me. Based on this, I built my campaign on my core principles of trust, availability and teamwork. You can trust me to tell you the truth about what a commissioner can and cannot do and I won’t make empty promises. Regarding availability my door will be open, my cell phone will be on, and I will always be available to hear your concerns and views. I will be the commissioner who reaches out to the neighborhoods, non-profit and civic organizations, to assist, answer questions, and resolve issues. With respect to teamwork it takes 3 votes to pass or stop any action before the court. No commissioner can go it alone; they must build a coalition to accomplish any action.
I am a retired Army Officer and Desert Storm Veteran specializing in tactical and strategic communications. I culminated my career commanding a tactical signal battalion in Germany with responsibility for over 500 personnel. My husband and I moved to Canyon Lake in 1999 and I owned a small business here until 2010. When I join an organization, I am involved. I am a past president of the Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce and Canyon Lake Republican Women. I am also a 2013 graduate of the ten week University of County Government course. In addition, I was a Comal Independent School District Independent Study Mentor in 2012 and am a graduate of the Comal County Citizens Sheriff’s Academy. I served a three year term on the Vestry at my church – the third year as the Senior Warden. All of my past endeavors have given me an excellent base to lead, budget, organize, and accomplish goals.
The most important issue to address is growth, however; I want to increase county oversight in three areas: growth, conservation, and fiscal ingenuity. Growth: As the County Commissioner PCT 4, I would seek to establish an information/working group with representatives from the county, cities, law enforcement, emergency services, school districts, water conservation districts and other interested parties to share information as well as lessons learned concerning growth. Conservation: Our neighboring counties have each developed unique methods to protect natural resources in their counties. I want Comal County to have a conservation coalition and I want to be the county representative. Fiscal Ingenuity – Budget oversight does not end with the publication of the document. Constituents count on the court to maintain vigilance on all matters pertaining to the budget. We need to consider alternative options: the private sector, volunteers, and grants when spending the taxpayer's money.
In politics too often compromise is viewed as “exposure, as of one’s reputation to danger, suspicion, or repute” instead of “an adjustment of opposing principles, by modifying some aspects of each.” We need to remember we are here to serve – to do what is best for our constituents.
This is our county, our precinct, and that will be my message. We have approximately 35,000 constituents in Precinct 4 and in the last primary only 4,488 Republicans voted in the commissioner race – a very small percentage. Constituents need to know they all will be represented - that is my pledge.
Conservation is an area in which I want to have oversight. I would support county funding as a last choice after first pursuing alternative options such as grants, volunteer support and private funding.