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Comal District Clerk

The District Clerk serves as the recorder, registrar and custodian of court pleadings, instruments or other papers that are part of any District Court civil or criminal case. In addition to those duties, the District Clerk: prepares and records documents impaneling both Petit and Grand Juries staffs the courtroom during trials and hearings in order to record verdicts, judgments and other documents in the Minutes of the Court maintains the court docket collects filing fees in civil cases collects court costs, fines and restitution in criminal cases processes documents for civil and criminal cases transmitted to the Court of Appeals manages trust accounts for the Court administers child support processes passport applications. Note- We DO NOT take PHOTOS in the office. Passport processing is now by appointment only. This change is effective May 1st and our hours for passports will remain Tuesdays and Thursday from 8~4 only.
  • Heather N. Kellar (Rep)

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1 – What motivates you to run?

2 – What qualities are needed for a successful district clerk? How have you demonstrated these in your work?

3 – If elected, what measurable goals would you work to achieve?

4 – How has your education and experience prepared you for the responsibilities of district clerk?

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