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New Castle County Sheriff

The Office of Sheriff provides service of process for writs issued by the Superior Court, Court of Common Pleas, Court of Chancery, and Family Court along with subpoenas issued by the Department of Justice, Department of Labor, and out-of-state courts. In addition, the office holds auctions offering personal or business property levied upon for personal or business debt.The New Castle County Sheriff is elected to a four-year term in the "off-year" state election, two years before/after the election of the County Executive.

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    Scott Phillips

Biographical Information

What are the most important ways that this county office serves the public? If any services are under-utilized, what changes would you recommend?

What in your background makes you particularly suited for this position?

What are the top challenges facing the Sheriff of New Castle County? If elected, how will you address them?

In your estimation, what is an appropriate budget for the New Castle County Sheriff’s Office? Do you think the office is properly staffed? Please explain.

Education William Penn High School
Work Experience Tuesday Morning Inscriber Digital Magazine Rant Sports
Email Address
Phone (302) 828-1500
Age 32
None since the legislature took away the arrest powers of a sheriff. The office is there to sell confiscated property and be a glorified mail delivery person. My recommended changes are give them back arrest powers. Imagine Donald Trump were to send some agents to Delaware. You need someone who can stand up to the federal government, for you.
I have handled money and I know how to knock on a door. Also, I have never had a problem with police brutality.
Not having enough property stolen from citizens to sell. I cannot address that myself and hope to see this happen less.
An appropriate budget would be zero. The office should be eliminated. Without arrest powers, this office is a waste of taxpayer dollars. There is enough waste that you could use a machete to cut it out.
Education B. S. in Criminal Justice from Wilmington University
Work Experience Juvenile Corrections (3) yrs. New Castle County Police (10) yrs. serving in Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Crime Prevention and SWAT. I was elected by my peers and served (6) yrs on the executive board of the Fraternal Order of Police, (2) as President. Vice-President of Operations for Boynton and Associates (9) yrs. Business Owner/Realtor (10) yrs. Deputy Sheriff (13) yrs.
Community Involvement I am a co-founder of the Police Athletic League of Delaware. I am a charter member of the Stephen Ministry and participated in the Nursing Home Ministry at my Church. Past Board member of the Mental Health Association. I've performed with the Wilmington Drama League. Active participant in numerous charity events.
Phone (302) 307-3361
Age 65
Additional Information I'm the author of (2) suspense/thriller books, "The Dark Side of Death" and "The Dark Side of Honor", both of which are Indie Book Award winners. Wilmington, Delaware plays a small part in the setting of each book.
The Sheriff’s office is responsible for the service of civil process and subpoenas for Delaware courts and other governmental entities, other than the Magistrate and Family courts. It also serves process for courts and other entities outside of Delaware for locations within the county. The prompt, professional, and courteous service is essential for the civil process to proceed smoothly. The Sheriff’s office also conducts sales of real property by court order, as well as sales of goods and chattels to satisfy liens. The Sheriff’s office may be called upon to levy on property, as well as conduct evictions from real property as ordered by the Court. The Sheriff is responsible for collection of the proceeds from the sales, and the prompt and accurate distribution of those proceeds to the plaintiffs, or to satisfy debts to government agencies..
I have 13 years of experience as a Deputy Sheriff, conducting the day to day tasks of the job. It’s has only been since the current sheriff’s appointment that I’ve had the desire to run for this office. I want to put the Sheriff's Office on the right track once again, and build upon what the 2 preceding sheriffs had established. I’ve spoken with thousands of people while carrying out my duties, and have seen how abandoned properties in the County have caused neighborhoods to diminish in value. As a co-founder of the Police Athletic League of Delaware over 30 years ago, I’ve learned how environmental conditions contribute to delinquency and deterioration of neighborhoods. My years of volunteer work with the PAL, as well as my 10 years of experience with the New Castle County County Police as a patrol officer and detective has given me greater insight into this problem as well. I've stated my ideas for a solution to this problem and have the support of several legislators.
The top challenges are the abandoned properties I’ve spoken about above, the lack of training for the deputies (there has been none under the current sheriff) and the return of excess proceeds to former owners of foreclosed upon properties. The former sheriff, Trinidad Navarro, had embarked on a concerted effort to return excess proceeds to those who are owed them. He returned a quarter million dollars to numerous people, one as far away as Montana. The current sheriff served nearly a year and a half before he made a partial attempt to return these funds. And this only occurred after I announced my candidacy, and plans to undertake this effort once again. Another challenge is the financial oversight of the Sheriff’s office. The office handles approximately $20 million of complex financial transactions on a regular basis each year. I would ask the County’s Finance Department, and/or Auditor to examine random transactions, as well as review processes and procedures.
I believe the current budget of approximately $2 million is adequate. The Sheriff’s office brings in approximately $6 million in revenue from fees. There are some entities that utilize our services but sometimes sidestep provisions in our fee structure. I would recommend some minor changes that would capture some additional revenues for the County that these entities are sidestepping. Most of the work the deputies conduct has time constraints attached to them as per court order. Because of approved sick or vacation leave, as well as a variable work load, there are times that better service could be performed with additional staffing. I would utilize a sworn Chief Deputy to perform service in the field as necessary, instead of performing a purely administrative function as is currently the case. I do not see a need to increase staffing at this time.