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Colorado House District 25

The Colorado House of Representatives is the lower house of the Colorado General Assembly, the State legislature of the U.S. state of Colorado. The House is composed of 65 members. Representatives are elected to two-year terms, and are limited to four terms in office but can run again after a two year respite.

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    Lisa A Cutter

  • Steve Szutenbach

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What would you cite as the number one issue facing constituents in the district you’re seeking to represent, and specifically what legislation would you champion to address it?

What specific changes, if any, do you think should be made to Colorado laws concerning access to abortion and reproductive health care?

What specifically are the most urgent needs of Colorado’s education system and the best legislative strategies for meeting those needs?

It is projected that Colorado will face a water shortfall by 2050 or sooner. What specific measures would you support to prevent a water crisis?

If elected, what specifically would you do to make health care more affordable in Colorado?

How would you address the growing lack of affordable housing in Colorado in terms of a specific policy or policies?

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Background I was born in Colorado, and have lived most of my life in Jeffco. I launched my PR firm in 1998, and have worked with a variety of business and nonprofit clients. I've also led and served on a number of nonprofit boards, including the Women's Bean Project, and co-organize the Denver Women's March.
Access to early childhood development is a problem, not just within my district, but throughout Colorado. I am interested in sponsoring or supporting legislation that funds preschool and full-day kindergarten so every child in Colorado has the opportunity to reach their fullest academic potential. Furthermore, I will work to reinstate vital programs and classes that have been cut due to budgetary shortfalls by addressing our current funding schemes and making educational funding equitable across all district lines.

Considering that so many people live in our district because of its natural beauty, another big issue we face is striking a balance between land conservation and development. I will work to protect our open-spaces from unnecessary development and work with stakeholders to identify ideal locations for future development and incentivize development projects within those locations.
Legislation supporting reproductive health care, family planning and parental leave is critical on a number of levels. The best way to limit unwanted pregnancies is to provide broad access to reproductive health care and education. This was evidenced by the family planning program to provide access to IUDs for young women in rural areas. This program was deemed a huge success, and resulted in a dramatic cost savings, an estimated $66 million or more that might have been spent on state and federal welfare and health care programs for low-income mothers.

Therefore, I would sponsor or support any legislation that made mandatory parental leave, which is a fundamental part of family planning. I would also advocate to improve access to reproductive health care, particularly in rural areas.
After adjusting for cost of living, Colorado is at the bottom for teacher pay. I would like to address legislation that incentivizes school districts to offer pay increases to their teachers. I also think that we need to update SB 10-191 to ensure that the teacher evaluation process is fair and achieving the intended results when measuring student growth and proficiency. I believe our teachers should be more concerned about teaching the curriculum, rather than teaching to a test.

As the Colorado Water Conservation Board cites in its multi-faceted water plan, every conversation must start with conservation. Therefore, the first step needs to involve discussion about the ways in which we incentivize Coloradans and businesses to reduce their water intake, whether that involves better storage, reuse, or alternative transfer methods. I will listen, learn and work closely with stakeholders to determine how conservation is best achieved. I will also support legislative action around fully funding and implementing the Colorado Water Plan.

This is a complex problem, and will likely rely on a number of compatible solutions. I would particularly like to focus on mental health. According to Health Affairs Journal, the average cost for a high-cost mental health patient is 33% higher than the average high-cost health patient. By providing mental health care and early intervention the same way as physical health, we can begin to mitigate these exorbitant costs. I will work on legislation to ensure that mental health is treated as physical health for Coloradans, which will ultimately help reduce healthcare costs.

I will meet with the various stakeholders to determine the most prevalent roadblocks to providing affordable housing, such as zoning restrictions, NIMBYism and outdated building codes. I will ensure that Colorado’s building codes are conducive to providing affordable housing by making it less costly to develop here. I will also work to find creative solutions to incentivize developers and landlords to offer affordable housing, especially within high density locations that are near corridors and are ideal for people relying on public transportation.
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