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Colorado House District 38

The Colorado House of Representatives is the lower house of the Colorado General Assembly, the State legislature of the U.S. state of Colorado. The House is composed of 65 members. Representatives are elected to two-year terms, and are limited to four terms in office but can run again after a two year respite.

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    Chris Kolker

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What would you cite as the number one issue facing constituents in the district you’re seeking to represent, and specifically what legislation would you champion to address it?

What specific changes, if any, do you think should be made to Colorado laws concerning access to abortion and reproductive health care?

What specifically are the most urgent needs of Colorado’s education system and the best legislative strategies for meeting those needs?

It is projected that Colorado will face a water shortfall by 2050 or sooner. What specific measures would you support to prevent a water crisis?

If elected, what specifically would you do to make health care more affordable in Colorado?

How would you address the growing lack of affordable housing in Colorado in terms of a specific policy or policies?

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Contact phone 303-325-7323
Background I am a former high school history and government teacher and currently own my own wealth management firm. I am passionate about funding public education and creating equal opportunity for all the people of this great state.
Twitter @ChrisKolkerCO
The number one issue is actually what the people have been telling me at the doors. It is funding and supporting public education through increasing teacher pay, protecting our children through anti bullying training, and increasing access to mental healthcare for our students and parents. A youth suicide prevention measure was voted against by my opponent and killed by her party that would greatly help suicide awareness. It was HB18-1177. I would bring that bill back to the legislature. I would promote the school funding formula that was not passed last year to make sure funding is more student centric. That too was not passed last year. I am also promoting the passage of Amendment 73 to increase statewide funding for education. Please vote yes on Amendment 73!
I don't believe any changes should be made that make it more restrictive for a woman to access reproductive healthcare or restrict their access to abortion.
Funding our schools is the most urgent need. Unfortunately, due to TABOR and GALLAGHER amendments, we cannot be responsive through the legislature to increase that funding. We must have a ballot initiative to get voter approval. I hope voters approve Amendment 73 this year so that we can stop being in the bottom 10 states in funding education. We have too many schools on 4 day weeks and teacher positions not filled because we do not pay enough to our teachers to afford to live here. This is our first priority. Our next priority is to address the mental health needs of our students and increase their safety both physically and emotionally. I have addressed these in my previous question.
I have already been meeting with stakeholders on this issue. I have met with Denver Water, and farmers associations to discuss strategies to face this possibility. 80% of our water is used in agriculture. We must work with rural areas to address how we can address this need. Denver Water has been successful in promoting and increasing water conservation. Our use in the metro area has actually leveled off. We need to continue to promote conservation and cooperation between rural and urban areas.
I would work with all stakeholders to work on policy that would increase affordability of our healthcare exchanges and requirements to do business in this state. We need lower premiums and coverages in our plans that include mental healthcare. I am willing to listen to anyone, on any side, to work fix the skyrocketing premiums and costs we all are facing. Healthcare professionals, especially mental healthcare providers, need a more streamlined method of accepting insurance to cover their services. This is not an easy fix, and it will take a commitment by our elected officials to listen, learn, and act.
Affordable housing must be addressed by increasing the access to construction of affordable homes by our builders and working with our municipalities in providing quality housing. We must review and learn from other states what they are doing to combat this same problem. We are not in a vacuum and we must not be afraid to review current procedures and look for initiatives that may be working for others. Increasing supply will help, but increasing wages is another way to do so. There are so many factors that must be considered. We cannot drag our feet because this is a very real problem holding our lower and middle class down.