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Mt Baker School District 507 Proposition 2018-1

The Board of Directors of Mount Baker School District 507 passed Resolution No. 17/18:8 concerning this proposition for facilities and technology levies. The proposition would authorize modernization and repairs of District facilities, modernization and upgrades of District technology and computer systems for instruction and operations, and other capital project expenditures; and authorizes the following taxes in excess of regular property tax levies, upon all taxable property within the District: Collection Years Approximate LevyRate/$1,000 Assessed Value Levy Amount 2019 $1.11 $1,670,000 2020 $1.10 $1,670,000 2021 $1.09 $1,670,000 2022 $1.08 $1,670,000 2023 $1.07 $1,670,000 2024 $1.05 $1,650,000 Explanatory StatementThe District is seeking approval to renew a six (6) year Facility and Technology Levy. Levy funds would be used for necessary improvements to repair or modernize facilities or equipment to improve the student experience through expansion and upgrades of facilities, safety, playgrounds, parking lots, roofs, additional classroom space, child nutrition equipment, significant technology expansion, necessary repairs to modernize facilities or equipment, including, but not limited to major repairs and replacements, and other capital project expenditures. The levy would be $1,670,000 in each year at estimated rates per $1,000 of assessed value from approximately $1.11 to $1.05 over six years.
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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