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County Commissioner and Commissioners Court As member of the Commissioners Court, exercises broad policy-making authority. Represents one of four precincts within the county. Typically responsible for building and maintaining county roads and bridges within the precinct. The Commissioners Court conducts the general business of the county and consists of the County Judge and four Commissioners.The Court: Adopts the county’s budget and tax rate. Approves all budgeted purchases of the county. Fills vacancies in elective and appointive offices. Sets all salaries and benefits. Has exclusive authority to authorize contracts. Provides and maintains all county buildings and facilities.
  • Don Harris (Rep)

  • Bob Reeves (Rep)

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1. What infrastructure issues will you prioritize if you are elected? (limit 50 words)

2. What are the water quality and supply concerns for you and how do you plan to address them? (limit 50 words)

3. What are the health and human services issues in your county and how would you address them? (limit 50 words)

4. How can the county commissioners court help to insure orderly growth in this county? (limit 50 words)

5. How will you seek input from your constituents if elected? (limit 50 words)

6. What criteria will you use to appoint county department vacancies? (limit 50 words)

Campaign Phone (210) 385-7646
Email for public contact
Mailing Address 128 Tanglewood Ln. Kerrville, TX 78028
Website www.donharriscampaign.or
Fortunate to live in a vibrant, riverside community, we are vulnerable to flooding. Maintaining roads and bridges is vital to the safety of both residents and our many visitors.

In our beautiful hill country, we are either in a drought or one day closer to the next one. In order to protect our aquifers, creeks, and the Guadalupe, we must educate ourselves and be activists in the fields of conservation, reducing consumption, and recycling. I am ready to educate.

First we must insure that our emergency responders are fully equipped to meet the community's challenges when called. Secondly we must educate our population on available services, adding to those services as our area grows. Lastly we must teach prevention on health care issues. Prevention over treatment is a goal.
Our focus should be on growth, job creation, and making it easier for our current businesses to operate. This will help attract skilled workers and retain the ones already here. Everyone will benefit. This can be done and still keep our beautiful hill county community unique and family oriented.
I will be known for easy accessibility. Constituents will be able to reach me by phone, email, Facebook, and my webpage. Plus, I have already announced I will be at the Hunter House cafe every morning before a Commissioner Court session, at 7:00 a.m. No appointment necessary!

First I will make sure the position needs to be filled. Saving taxpayers money is one of my main concerns. If an appointment is deemed necessary, applicant qualifications will be judged on merit and experience.
Campaign Phone (830) 895-4001
Email for public contact
Mailing Address 100 Oakview Kerrville, Texas 78028
Fax 830-257-3116
Kerr County maintains over 450 miles of roads. For over a decade, funding limited our annual resurfacing plan to 18 miles per year. This past year, that number increased to 30, without a tax increase. In addition, I will continue to work with TXDOT regarding replacement of off-system bridges.
This issue must rest with the local leaders. There must be less encroachment on private property rights by state and federal agencies. I work closely with the UGRA and the local water conservation district to ensure that water will be available for any new development.
Kerr County consists of citizens from across the economic spectrum, and we should continue the work that is being done to ensure access to needed indigent, crime victim, and environmental health services. Most are state rather than county issues, and we should maintain services while protecting against waste.
Commissioners have little statutory authority, other than subdivision plat approval, regarding property development. I have relied on over 30 years of real estate experience in reviewing proposed developments. This involves numerous meetings with the owner, county engineer and surveyor to ensure new roads or developments are done wisely.
I will continue to be present at neighborhood property association meetings, impromptu meetings at area restaurants, businesses and a continual presence at both area Chambers of Commerce. In addition, I am available by phone seven days a week, or in person at the courthouse.
Currently, vacancies for non-elected department directors are filled by internal and external job postings. The commissioner(s) serve as liaison(s), along with the HR department, to conduct interviews. The finalists will then be interviewed by the entire court. This method provides adequate input from the Court and should ///