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Bellevue School District No. 405 Proposition No. 3

School Bus LevyThe Board of Directors of Bellevue School District approved Resolution No. 17-18 authorizing a levy for school buses. This levy funds new and replacement school buses and authorizes the following excess levy on all taxable property within the District: Collection YearEstimated Levy Rate/$1,000 Assessed Value Levy Amount2019$0.12$8,000,000all as provided in Resolution No. 17-18.Explanatory Statement Passage of Proposition No. 3 would allow for a levy of $8,000,000 in property taxes within Bellevue School District for collection in 2019. In accordance with Resolution No. 17-18 approving this proposition, these taxes would be deposited in the Bellevue School District’s Transportation Vehicle Fund and would be used over seven to ten years to purchase new buses to keep students safe as they travel to and from school, on field trips, and on athletic and extracurricular trips. If authorized by the voters, such property taxes would be collected at the rate estimated to be $0.12 per $1,000 of assessed valuation in 2019. The exact levy rate shall be adjusted based upon the actual assessed value of the property within the District at the time of the levy.
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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