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Northshore School District No. 417 Proposition 3

Renewal Capital Projects (Technology) Levy The Board of Directors of Northshore School District No. 417 adopted Resolution No. 764 concerning a proposition for capital levies. To ensure all students have access to technology to prepare for careers of tomorrow, modernize technology systems, and train students and staff, the District shall levy the following excess levies in place of an expiring levy on all taxable property within the District: Collection Year Approx. Levy Rate/$1000 Levy Amount Assessed Value2019 $0.51 $15,500,0002020 $0.50 $15,500,0002021 $0.48 $15,500,0002022 $0.47 $15,500,000all as provided in Resolution No. 764 and subject to legal limits on levy amounts and rates at the time of levy. Explanatory statementPassage of Proposition No. 3 would allow the levy of $15,500,000 in property taxes within Northshore School District No. 417 for collection in 2019, the levy of $15,500,000 for collection in 2020, the levy of $15,500,000 for collection in 2021, and the levy of $15,500,000 for collection in 2022, to replace an expiring levy and to pay for technology improvements and meet the current and future educational programs for its students, such levies to be made for four years for collection in the years from 2019 through 2022. In accordance with Resolution No. 764 approving this proposition, these taxes would pay for enhancing infrastructure, acquiring hardware, licensing software, and implementing online applications and training related to the installation of the foregoing, and the application and upgrading of technology systems for operations and instruction, including the ongoing fees for online applications, subscriptions, or software licenses, and ongoing training for students and staff related to the installation and integration of these products or services. If authorized by the voters and based on projected assessed valuation information, estimated levy rates per $1,000 of assessed value would be $0.51 (2019 collection); $0.50 (2020 collection); $0.48 (2021 collection); and $0.47 (2022 collection).
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