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North Kitsap School District #400 Proposition 1

Educational Program & Operations Funding LevyThe Board of Directors of North Kitsap School District #400 approved Resolution 10-02-17, authorizing a replacement of an expiring levy for education. This proposition authorizes the District to levy the following taxes on all taxable property within the District, to provide funding for instructional programs beyond the state minimum instructional offerings, staffing ratios, program components, or professional learning allocations, including student and program support programs, and enriched operational support of the District:Levy Collection Estimated Levy Rate/$1000 Levy Amount Year Year Assessed Value2018 2019 $1.50 $11,405,6132019 2020 $1.50 $11,975,8942020 2021 $1.50 $12,574,6882021 2022 $1.50 $13,203,423Explanatory Statement (Prepared by the attorney for the district as prescribed by law.) Local levy funding is necessary to maintain the present educational program of North Kitsap School District No. 400. State basic education funding remains inadequate to fully fund the District’s operation. Passage of Proposition No. 1 will authorize the District to continue a four year educational program and operations levy to support school operations programs for the 2017-18 through 2021-2022 school years. The levy is not a new tax on real property. It replaces an expiring voter-approved four year maintenance and operations support levy, which ends in 2018. The proposed levy would provide funding to allow the District to continue support and provide educational services and district operations not fully funded by the state, including the basic costs of Certi cated Staff (Teachers, Counselors, Librarians) as well as additional Certi cated Staff to reduce class sizes and meet student needs; Classi ed Staff (Of ce Managers, Secretaries, Paraeducators, Grounds, Maintenance, Custodial, Computer Techs, Food/Nutrition Services, Bus Drivers, Support Center – payroll, human resources, accounting, district, building and program managers) necessary to support educational programs and operations; Special Education services; Transportation Operations; and Extra-Curricular Programs, Athletics and Student Activities. Rejection of the levy would result in increased class sizes, reductions in special education services, decreased paraeducator support for teacher and students, reduced maintenance, grounds, and custodial support for the District’s 231.56 acres of school grounds and playfields and 1 million square feet of facilities, increased bus ride times, and elimination of extra-curricular activities.
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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