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Bexar County Clerk

Responsible for all land and marriage records, along with administrating the County Court at Law courts.
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    Lucy Adame-Clark (Dem) Criminal warrants processor

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    Tim Ybarra (Dem) Retired Bexar County Employee

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Please describe what combination of education, motivation and experience qualifies you for the office.

How would you protect children from identity theft?

What improvements do you suggest to the County Information Systems to better facilitate the District Clerk's duties?

The Spanish Archives tell a story of old San Antonio. How would you make available to the public the Spanish Archives?

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Experience Community engaged, something I have been doing for over 25 years. Public Servant for over 21 years with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office. Have taken a stand for Bexar County employees to receive pay raises in front of commissioners court to include addressing the needs of our communities. Went to school for Paralegal and started my career at the age of 24 with Bexar County. I have continued my education and training with FBI IAFIS, TXDPS, NCIC/TCIC, requirement courses to retain my certifications and credentials to include intermediate and advance courses needed pertaining to my career path. I have combined 21 years of Criminal Justice Information System experience till this day. 11 years Records Division over 4 years Forensic Latent Examiner with Criminal Investigation Division over 4 years Judicial Services Warrants processor
Experienced till this day with our Criminal Justice Information System that the County courts, County Clerk's and staff to include the Sheriff's office operate on for intake, booking process, dealing with attorney's information, bond informantion status, court proceedings and violations of bond Status or probationary standards. Civil and criminal information updated in our County Clerk's office, that is published for the public comes from the CJIS informantion as well. Processing, receiving and verifying accurate information im our child support documents while creating and entering into our TCIC/NCIC data base. Was the person overseeing the identity theft project in Central Records for many years, back ground check, dealt with court packs for court proceedings for 11 years, probation information, attorney information, US Marshals, ATF and numerous of municipalities to include the handling of the public. Confidentially, accountability and integrity is very important.
Making sure we upgrade our systems, protocols and procedures on how we handle very sensitive informantion especially our children and children's future to include our elders as well as in their information and property. Being the oversight of identity theft and working directly with SAPD, TXDPS, DISTRICT ATTORNEY OFFICE to include FBI thru central records for many years i personally know the importance of protecting ones informantion or anybody's property. Working in criminal investigations Division for almost 5 years I know the importance of integrity and how valuable all confidential information is.
upgraded software, more communication within the County Clerk's Office, District Clerk's office to include representatives from the courts and the Bexar County Sheriff's Office. Since we all utilize the same system we all need to be transparent, accountable, open to better our out look and line of communication to better facilitate our Office for the community, tax payers and being transparent.
Our Spanish achieves informantion is very valuable history to many and is very valuable, knowledgeable history that should be made available to the public, though with the understanding that first i want to bring it back to it's original place at the court house or museum by the central down town area. First and foremost I want to reach out to our historians experts and compare other counties to how they facilitate and how they handle the process and having it available to the public
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Experience 7 years - County Clerk's office, 3 years - Court Administration, 10 years - District Attorney's office = 20 years as a Bexar County employee
I started my career with the County Clerk’s office in 1990 and was a Deputy County Clerk for seven years. During that time, I cross trained in numerous departments providing me with actual experience working in the office. I promoted to work in Court Administration for three years and then the District Attorney’s office for ten years retiring with over twenty years as a public servant.
I would start by researching the best practices being implemented and speaking with county clerks across the state. I would explore options such as electronic auto-redaction software, options for lawyers and self-represented litigants to redact this information from any documents that are filed with the court and if the information is needed, then it is submitted on a confidential form.
We need to have a comprehensive study with all vested entities to include the County Clerk, District Clerk, IT department and Commissioners Court to identify issues, solutions and funding sources. The employees who use the system need to be involved in the study as they can identify the problems and suggest plausible solutions.
The Spanish Archives could be advertised with already existing infrastructure such as the five County downtown visitor kiosks as well as enhancing the County’s web site to be interactive for the user. A mobile app could also be developed. Working with Visit San Antonio to advertise with the tourists and locals especially as we celebrate the 300th anniversary this year.