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    Chris Carmona (Rep) Attorney

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    Paul Simpson (Rep) Attorney/Engineer

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Education/Degrees BA in International Relations - Marymount Manhattan College; JD in Law - South Texas College of Law
Professional Experience General Law Practice with focus on Family Law and Civil Litigation.
Community Involvement Numerous organizations with efforts focused on building community cohesiveness.
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Campaign Address PO Box 7137
Houston, Tx 77248
Campaign Phone (832) 444-4293
To restore the Harris County Republican Party as the premiere political party in the county by continuously engaging the community at large to effectively communicate how the Republican brand is the superior political party for providing families the opportunity for success. We cannot afford as a party to get swept in countywide races like we did in 2016, and I have a plan at to avoid that scenario in 2018 and beyond.
The local Republican party should be continuously finding creative ways to get more eligible residents registered to vote, and should have a stronger program in place for GOTV efforts to encourage the registration of new voters. More can be found at
I am fine with an open primary system as it allows people the choice to be compelled to switch their voting preference freely and without having to first register their intentions until they walk into the voting booth. I appreciate the benefits of a closed primary, but I don't think Harris County republicans would be better off with that system at this time.
Education/Degrees B.A. (History), Rice University; B.S. (Civil Engineering), Rice University; J.D., University of Houston Law Center (cum laude)
Professional Experience Partner, law firm of McGinnis, Lochridge & Kilgore, L.L.P.; licensed patent attorney; registered Texas professional engineer. While an engineer and later manager in the oil industry, I attended night law school., My practice focuses on oil & gas law.
Community Involvement Lector; Chair (2006-07) of Pastoral Council, St. Vincent dePaul Catholic Church, Houston; Past President, St. Catherine's Montessori School board (2001-2005); Board Member, Incarnate Word Academy (2010 2014); Committee Chair, Boy Scout Troop 505.
Campaign Phone (916) 220-6910
Twitter @PaulFSimpson
The Harris County Republican Party is stronger than ever as we grow, build, and strengthen for the future. In 2014, I promised to improve the key areas of money, message, and people, and have done so. We can’t stop now! Since 2014, we have made the Harris County GOP a powerhouse unparalleled in the nation. Among the milestones: -Raised over $5.6 million dollars (some 90% from other than candidates-the opposite of before) -Grew from 1 employee in 1 office to full-time staffers supporting our grassroots in 5 strategic locations -Recruited over 260 new precinct chairs & thousands of volunteers -implemented state-of-the-art technology, data, & training programs. -1st-ever in-house communications operations My future plans include: -Grow with targeted engagement of organizations -Build through targeted recruiting & micro-networks -Strengthen with more offices, funding, & training I have the experience & ability the Party needs as we develop our new future leaders. I ask for your vote.
All electoral politics can be summarized in Lincoln's 4-step guide: get a list of voters; identify supporters; persuade the undecided; and turn out supporters at election time. So voter participation in the election process is at the heart of being a self-governing people and central to what the Harris County Republican Party does. Voter participation also includes involvement in the voting process, citizen engagement with elected officials, advocacy of Republican principles & goals, and electing Republican candidates. The Party actively encourages all of the above, and more. The Party should and does encourage Republican voters to register and vote. That includes recruiting volunteer deputy voter registrars, targeted registration programs, and registering Republicans who move into and around the County to ensure they can vote. We plan to expand such programs in the future to ensure continued growth of the Party, and to keep strong Harris County under Republican leadership.
An open primary system that does not require voters to register by Party. Such an open primary more readily allows the Republican Party to attract and recruit new voters and activists to our ranks. The record-level turnout for the 2016 Republican primary--almost twice the size of any prior primary--has brought a wave of new voters and grassroots volunteers into the Harris County GOP, and helped us identify those voters and keep them engaged for the future.