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County Democratic Party Chair

Primary Election - Tuesday, March 6, 2018(Early Voting: Tuesday, February 20-Friday, March 2, 2018)
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    Stuart Williams (Dem)

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Education Lubbock High School Texas Tech University
I been a part of local party politics for several years. I have served as precinct chair. vice chair, and now county chair for just over a year. My temperament, drive, and dedication to the Democratic Party show a dedication to see us succeed. I believe I am uniquely positioned to continue to lead our party through 2018.
Our party must offer real, substantive alternatives to the Republicans. I strongly believe in fielding dynamic candidates and advocating our popular positions on public education, healthcare, a pathway to citizenship, or where people pee. I refuse to be silenced by naysayers who advocate a status quo agenda. I believe life can be more than a constant struggle for money and that the prestige of this nation means more than one man’s tweets.