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Justice of the Peace, Tarrant County Precinct No. 6

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    Chris Garcia (Rep) Justice of the Peace Precinct 6

  • Jason Charbonnet (Rep)

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Phone (817) 475-5260
Occupation Owner of Car Dealership
Education Tarrant County College and Texas Christian University
Experience I started and have owned and operated my own business successfully for 31 years. I have the business and management skills and experience to run this office. I have the temperament and interpersonal skills required to deal fairly and honorably.
Twitter @CGarciaforJP
1.I’ve run a successful business for over thirty years. 2.I have been an active leader in the community. 3. I have been an active leader in the Republican Party since my youth. I am the only candidate with business management skills uniquely suited to reform flawed, deceptive business practices repeatedly noted by auditors resulting in felony indictment of an employee.
When serious issues with the JP 6 court came to light, I was asked by numerous people to consider running for this seat. The incumbent judge was ordered to repay approx. $48,000 in missing money. Successive audits showed serious flawed management. Despite this, the incumbent filed to run again. I am determined that the taxpayers will have the representation they deserve!
The Justice of the Peace court oversees issues that most directly impact citizens on a daily basis. I firmly believe judges must not interpret law, but apply it as written and passed by local, state, and federal lawmakers. Judges do not make laws, but like the citizens who obey them, enforce the laws fairly and equitably as written.
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