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Texas House, District 99

The Texas House of Representatives is the lower house of the Texas Legislatures, composed of 150 members elected from single-member districts. The Texas House of Representatives create and consider legislation and proposed constitutional amendments. All bills for raising revenue and appropriating funds for the operation of the Texas government must originate in the Texas House. Representatives are elected every two years.
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    Bo French (Rep) Rancher/Investor

  • Charlie Geren (Rep)

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EDUCATION: What changes, if any, should be made to public education and its funding in Texas? What is your rationale for the change(s)?

ECONOMY: What state policies/legislation would you support to help Texas residents improve their economic positions? Why?

ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT: How would you balance the development of energy sources with environmental concerns?

HEALTH CARE: What changes in state policy/legislation, if any, are needed to increase availability of affordable health care for Texas residents? If none, please explain.

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the next session of the Texas Legislature, and what is your position on these issues?

Phone (817) 919-6969
Occupation Rancher/Investor
Education Bachelor of Arts - Texas Christian University
Experience Small business owner, entrepreneur, rancher, investor, national security, border security
Twitter @rwbofrench
School choice is a civil rights issue. I want all of our children to meet high standards, with great teachers in strong schools. I support any policy that will improve student outcomes, aid teachers, and promote parental involvement. We ought to design policies that especially help low-income children. Our educational system should empower those who are willing to work hard so that they can succeed. I believe teachers should be paid more and we should reduce the amount of administration in education. Roughly 75% of money that has been spent on education in recent years has not gone to teachers.
The Legislature should institute zero-based budgeting making every agency budget for their needs instead of adding to what they already get. We should also cap the rate of growth of state spending to population plus inflation. Nothing will spur our economy more quickly than our hard-working taxpayers keeping a larger percentage of their money so they can spend, invest, or risk it on new business. That is the key to economic growth. Currently, the Legislature funds a great deal of waste in its two-year, $218 billion budget. Every business knows how to cut costs, but government only grows. For example, the Texas House puts $1 million a year into a program trying to figure out how to kill feral hogs. There is plenty of waste in the state budget to cut.
I would allow the free market to determine that. Nothing promotes energy development like market forces. The government should get out of the way and allow consumers to drive our needs.
I believe the free market is a better determinant of the healthcare needs of this state. We should reduce the role of government and let the free market work. Free markets always improve service and lower cost. Government interference almost always decreases quality and increases cost (see Obamacare).
I think most Republicans would like to see Governor Abbott get his agenda passed. The liberals in the House blocked or watered down much of it this time. If more conservatives like me are elected, we will be able to pass meaningful property tax reform, meaningful budget reform and finally do away with taxpayer subsidies to illegal aliens.
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