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Justice of the Peace, Tarrant County Precinct No. 4

  • "Christopher ""Chris"" Gregory" (Rep)

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    Jacquelyn Wright (Rep) Justice of the Peace, Pct. 4

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Phone (817) 238-4425
Occupation Justice of the Peace, Precinct Four
Education Graduate of the National Judicial College and continuing on-going education from Tx. State University, Tarrant Bar Association, NJC and various other agencies and entities.
Experience 28 years on the job as a jurist for civil law, criminal law and administrative law cases. And keeper of the peace. (Can't forget that part of the job.) I efficiently & ethically run a docket of (+ or -) 8500 cases & $915,000 in revenue per year.
Experience: 28 years of on the job experience; in civil, criminal, and administrative law. Plus hours and hours of continuing education from the Texas Justice Court Training Center at Texas State University, the Tarrant Bar Association, The National Judicial College, and various other entities and agencies. I am a graduate of the NJC. My opponents-No such qualifications
The job then, just as it is now, is challenging and fulfilling. I've been an instructor for the Justice Court Training Center and a mentor to other judges across the state. But, I work for the voters. I can sometimes fix things, solve problems, settle matters between parties. I bring closure, I restore peace. When that happens the job becomes very personally rewarding.
My bosses (the voters) hired me to serve, not to represent. My oath of office is to faithfully execute the duties of the office. To preserve protect and defend the constitution and the laws of this state and of the United States. Sometimes, however, legal and illegal, right and wrong, don't always run parallel. It is my job to run a court of equity. Your People's Court