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Family District Judge, 322nd Judicial District

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    James B. Munford (Rep) Associate Judge 322nd District Court

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    Jennifer Moore (Rep) Board Certified Family Law Attorney

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What, if anything, should be done to improve access to justice for low income residents in civil and criminal cases?

What can and should be done to run the court more effectively and efficiently to provide swift justice?

How will you maintain impartiality, given the necessity of raising funds for political campaigns?

What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the District courts, and how would you address them?

Phone (817) 946-1365
Occupation Associate Judge of 322nd District Court
Education Board Certified Family Law-1989, Licensed to Practice Law-1981, Law Decree from South Texas College of Law-1980, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, University of Texas Arlington-1976, and graduated Grand Prairie High School-1971
Experience Associate Judge of the 322nd District Court. (2008 until present), Operated a successful Family Law practice. (1984 until 2007), Board Certified in Family Law since 1989, and Licensed to practice law since 1981.
There are programs for low income families. For example, I can think of six programs in Tarrant County with the primary one being the Access to Justice Program. As the Associate Judge of the 322nd District Court, I welcome self-represented individuals. A self-represented individual has access to the 322nd Family District Court and is treated with dignity and respect.
As the 322nd Associate Judge I have worked to maintain an effective and efficient Court. I often come in early and stay late to resolve cases and accommodate the public. The 322nd Court has implemented staggered times for hearings thereby reducing costs and fees. The 322nd Court has implemented pre-trial scheduling orders to keep the case on schedule and reduce costs.
I am seeking to be elected the Judge of the 322nd District Court. A judge has a duty to remain impartial. To remain impartial a judge should always follow the Rules of Procedure, the Rule of Law, the Rules of Evidence and the Judicial Code of Conduct. By following these rules and procedures the public will always have confidence in the judicial system.
Transparency is one of the most pressing issues facing the Courts today. It is crucial that the public have faith in our judicial system. A court should be open to the public. This means helping the public to have access to the times and dates for hearings and trials to be scheduled. A person should have the ability to track their case online. A judge should conduct the Court's business in open court and on the record. This means conducting an evidentiary hearing and ruling on the law. The more the Court's business is conducted in the presence of the public, the more faith the public will have in the system.
Phone (817) 313-1998
Occupation Attorney, Principal at Jennifer Wiggins Law Firm
Education J.D. Hofstra University 2004 Board Certified Family Law
Experience 13 years as Principal at Jennifer Wiggins Law Firm. My firm only handles family law cases.
Taxpayers in Tarrant County subsidize low income residents' access to family cases. Litigants may fill out an Affidavit of Inability to Pay filing fees. If the District Clerk finds from the affidavit that the allegation is true, the filing fees are waived for that litigant. I would not want taxpayers to bear any further burden for low income residents in family cases.
I can only speak of family law courts, but for their part efficiency comes in moving cases swiftly through the litigation process. Automatically setting cases for pre-trial hearings 4-6 months after filing would force litigants to get organized and focused early on in the process by establishing a final trial date and all deadlines leading up to that date.
I haven't sought campaign contributions from Tarrant County family law attorneys. All other family law judicial candidates have. I know personally the fear of retribution later in a case before that judge if I did not donate to them. I want my court to be transparent and fair to all. Judges must be impartial, and this is a great way to ensure that.
I think the LWV have nailed two of the most important issues--court efficiency and judge impartiality. Eliminating judicial activism is also a very important issue for me. I promise to follow the law as it is written. This sounds so obvious, but you would be surprised how many judges are activists that make decisions based on their personal biases. Judicial temperament is also a huge issue. Will the court be respectful of litigants and attorneys? Why would the person want to be a judge? Ego or service? Voters that are informed will protect our Tarrant County judiciary. I urge all voters to educate themselves on how judicial candidates do their jobs or plan to do their job before deciding who to vote for.