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Nueces County District Clerk

District Clerk Serves as clerk and custodian of all records for the District Courts. Indexes and secures all court records, collects filing fees, and handles funds held in litigation and money awarded to minors. Coordinates the jury panel selection process. May process passport applications. Manages court registry funds.
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    Gerald Garza (Dem) general contractor

  • Ray Madrigal (Dem) RETIRED

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Campaign Phone Number (361) 249-1560
I had a catholic school upbringing from Cathedral Elementary to Corpus Christi Academy to St Joseph Junior High before I began attending W.B. Ray High School. From there I attended Del Mar College and transferred to U.T. in Austin to complete my degree, a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus in accounting. I worked for 3 years with a local C.P.A. firm, 1 year with an investment company and ran a construction company for over 20 years. I was the chief deputy district clerk for Nueces County for 10 years and I am certified as a public manager in public administration.
The district clerk for Nueces County manages an office of over 56 employees and a budget (including jury administration) of over 3.9 million dollars. The clerk and his staff serve as the clerk of the court and custodian of all records for 8 District Courts. Nueces County is only one of 3 counties (our size) in the entire state that also requires the district clerk to serve the county courts (5). The office also collects filing fees, handles funds held in litigation, money awarded to minors and coordinates the jury panel selection process.
My education and experience in accounting and investments provides me an insight to not only oversee a budget of over 3.9 million dollars but to also understand and implement new requirements as they become effective thru the government code. My experiences running a construction company with over 60 subcontractors at any given time and the 10 years I was the Nueces County chief deputy (with 56 employees) gives me the unique skill needed to manage and develop a staff of over 56 employees.
-Focus on destroying older records (following state guidelines). This will free up storage space and reduce costs. It will also reduce future maintenance costs because once records become too old they then become historical records that can't be destroyed. -Implement staff training and promote cross training to increase production without increasing the staff size or negatively affecting office moral. In the last 3 years the district clerk's budget has increased $600,000 without equal improvement in services. -Improve communication with the public and offer continuing e-filing training.
Campaign Email http://RAYGLO64@YAHOO.COM
Campaign Phone Number (361) 813-4035
i AM A GRADUATE OF Texas A&M Corpus Christi and also a graduate of Del Mar College Legal Assistant ,I was the Judge Of Seadrift Texas also I have over fifty years of business experience as owner of several businesses and most important I am a military disabled veteran.
my business experience and having worked for the U.s. Census in the filing department
Make sure that it was accessible to all people that needed court records