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County Commissioner Pct.2

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    Adrian Garcia (Dem) Strategic Consultant

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    Daniel Box (Dem) Building Inspector

  • Ken Melancon (Dem)

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    Roger Garcia (Dem) Lawyer

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Identify what you think are the three most important issues affecting the residents of your precinct and explain how you will address these issues, if elected?

How will you address the budgetary issues caused by the multiple natural disasters that have occurred recently in Harris County, while continuing to maintain and fund other county services and obligations?

Aside from building additional roads, what steps can the County take to advance innovative ideas that will improve mobility in both the incorporated and unincorporated areas of the county?

Professional Experience Houston Police Department Houston City Council and Mayor Pro Tempore Harris County Sheriff
Community Involvement Since the day my mother encouraged me to become a Houston Police officer, as a City Council member, Mayor Pro Tem, and as your Sheriff, I have always worked to find better ways to save you money, deliver transparency, and improve our quality of life.
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Harris County is at a crossroads. Planning negligence left us vulnerable to Harvey, and our government’s inadequate response made it necessary for neighbors and strangers to help each other – proving we are Strong.

So our first job is a deep dive and an honest, accountable conversation about our infrastructure, and our County and region's unique needs in the face of climate change.

We need to have a related, equally transparent conversation about how the County raises revenue and how it spends taxpayer money.

This conversation cannot happen without a transformative debate about the roles and functions of county government, and the resources we need (but may not receive) from Austin and Washington.

Lastly, we need County ethics reform, especially in the way we contract services and projects. We cannot continue to award contracts to favored campaign contributors, and we need real transparency in County spending, not the half-measures currently in use.
I believe this is one of the top issues confronting our government – we need a top-to-bottom review of spending and contracting in order to find efficiency and savings for taxpayers. We can’t tax ourselves to recover from the last flood. We need to ethically fund our recovery, and properly plan for the future with smart investment in infrastructure.

I’ve done this before – as your Sheriff, through proactive, smart reforms we saved $200 million for taxpayers, while simultaneously reducing crime. I believe we can find greater savings across County government while improving service delivery.

We will review the procedures, contracts, and systems in place, streamline core functions, and provide Harris County taxpayers with a government which works better and costs less. We also have to get a handle on County borrowing. Honest government doesn’t pass the buck to future generations. We need a full accounting of what we owe (and for what), and a plan to bring our debt service under control.
First, we need a comprehensive county and regional plan to assess, protect, and maintain the assets we already own. By collaborating with transportation and government partners on a regional basis, we can make future investments on an informed, not piecemeal basis.

Second, we need to be honest about our limitations as a County. Without funding from the state or federal government, bigger projects (like connecting our light rail to the airports) are difficult to finance. While our population is currently booming, we have seen other municipalities struggle to maintain their infrastructure when their populations (and tax bases) drop. Prudent planning doesn’t require we “think small,” but to think smart.

Third, we can explore public-private partnerships – especially when it comes to accessible transportation solutions. These partnerships must save taxpayer money, be leveraged in a completely transparent manner, and contain “clawback” provisions if vendors fail to deliver as promised.
Education/Degrees High school diploma, Diploma from the department of labor for general commercial carpenter
Professional Experience general commercial carpenter for 15 years and licensed Building inspector for 13 years
Community Involvement I have been involved with the labor movement for 23 years.
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Campaign Phone (832) 794-9896
First is developing a plan for sustainable jobs and economic growth by getting all the stakeholders together and coming up with a strategy to bring those jobs to Precinct 2. Second is infrastructure maintenance, repair and new capital improvement projects by bring federal and state funding through grants to Precinct 2. Third is property tax reform that cuts the loophole that allows big corporations and Commercial properties to greatly devalue their properties so they can pay less taxes.
I would push the federal government for more hurricane relief funds through FEMA and then push the state government to use some of the rainy day funds to help rebuild our infrastructure. I also believe that property tax reform at the state level to remove the loopholes that allow large commercial properties in Harris County to devalue their properties when it comes to tax assessment that this would greatly increase the revenue into the county can be used on infrastructure projects.
I think that we should really look at a robust mass transit plan that would use rail from the suburbs into the city with expanded use of Metro busing . we should also promote more teleworking for businesses in the county. An work with the community businesses and universities to come up with technology to decrease our traffic issues.
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Education/Degrees BA in Political Science for The University of Texas in Austin. Law Degree(JD) From University of Texas in Austin
Professional Experience Private Practice in Civil litigation for 34 years.
Community Involvement Have spoken at 20 elementary, middle schools and High Schools in the Southeast part of town. Have sponsored many athletic events and teams in my District ..
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Campaign Phone (713) 259-5534
Twitter @lawyerrogelio
1.Flood Control and disaster relief. I will make absolutely sure we take measures to protect the residence lives and properties from high water in the future. We Will work to shore up or buy up land for levies around the county. 2. Health insurance will make sure that our residents qualify for medical health insurance through CHIP or ACA. 3. Make sure all infrastructure in the county is up to par and modernized.
We Will address any loop holes that are outstanding to make sure that all commercial property owners are fairly paying their fair of the tax load for the area residents. Additionally, will seek to efficiently utilized Disaster Relief funds from the Federal Government.
We will look in to light rail, additional HOV lanes and any innovative way to get commuter buses to area of the County that need said service.