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Nueces County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5, Place 2

The Justice of the Peace Court is a constitutional office whose origins date back to the early days of Texas statehood. Justice of the Peace courts have original jurisdiction in Class C offenses. These courts also have jurisdiction of minor civil matters. A Justice of the Peace may issue search or arrest warrants, and may serve as the coroner in counties where there is no provision for a medical examiner. The Justices are elected to a four-year term of office by the voters residing in that precinct. Additionally, Justices of the Peace are required by law to complete an 80-hour course covering the proper execution of that office's uties the first time they serve. After that, they must complete twenty hours of relevant coursework per year.The following is a partial list of the functions that these courts oversee:Magisterial Duties Determines probable cause, issues arrest warrants, issues both adult and juvenile statutory warnings, and conducts bail examinations for arrested persons. Determinies whether there is reasonable probability of a judgment being rendered against a person as a result of an accident while operating a motor vehicle without insurance. Conducts reviews for sufficiency and issuance of search warrants. Conducts magistrations (Miranda Rights) for both adult and juveniles. Issues emergency protective orders. Reviews applictions for emergency detention and issues mental health and chemical dependency warrants. Conducts hearings concerning the disposition of stolen property. Conducts handgun license denial hearings. Conducts driver's license suspension hearings. Conducts death investigations and orders autopsies. As a local registrar of vital statistics, birth and death certificates are completed, registered and recorded and sent to the State Bureau of Vital Statistics. Conducts towing hearings. Conducts review for sufficiency and issuance of warrants to seize cruelly treated animals.Description of Office Hears traffic and other Class C misdemeanor cases punishable by fine only. Hears civil cases with up to $10,000 in controversy. Hears landlord and tenant disputes. Hears truancy cases. Performs magistrate duties. Conducts inquests.
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    Armando B. Gonzalez (Dem) Attorney

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    Hermilo (Milo) Pena (Dem) Justice Court Judge

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I have been a practicing attorney since 2003. One of my first jobs was working for Laura Jimenez at the Nueces County Attorney’s Office. While there I handled protective orders and mental commitments. I helped people people get protection from their domestic abusers. Up until a few years ago I was the city attorney for the City of Robstown. My duties included providing legal advice to the Mayor and Council and also serving as city prosecutor. As city prosecutor I prosecuted all class C misdemeanors for the City. In my private practice I represent clients in criminal and family law cases.
The most pressing issue in my precinct and in particular for Justice of the Peace 5-2 is that most people of the precinct are unaware of the Court. The Court is located at the far end of the Precinct and the people who do not live in that area are unaware they have access to it. There has not been sufficient community outreach educating the people about the boundaries of the court and it’s functionality.
I have managed my own business for 10 years and I understand how to balance my personal and professional time. My business requires to interact with people at their worst moments and I feel a judge should be able to communicate in a reasonable and compassionate manner with the people that present themselves to the Court. Most importantly as an attorney I have a good understanding of the law and I have the ability to research and interpret the law when presented with conflicting opinions.
I want to hold this office because I feel I can do a great job. I feel I can provide a well balanced and fair courtroom environment for all the people of Nueces County. The people deserve to have options when choosing their elected officials. I intend to provide them an option that has the experience, education and temperament one comes to expect from a Judge. Most importantly I want to return the Court to the people and remind them as elected officials we work for them.
Campaign Phone Number (361) 944-2560
The most valued credential in my resume prevalent for the past 24 years has been the trust and the will of the voting residents of precinct 5 in my ability to serve them as their Justice Court Judge. I have received hundreds of hours of training leading to certifications in advanced civil, criminal and ethical issues. I have been trained by TJCTC as an instructor and held that position for four consecutive years. I have been appointed by the Commission on Judicial Conduct to serve as a Mentor Judge to Sanctioned Judges. Adjudicated thousands of cases Criminal and Civil.
I believe the most pressing issue in our precinct happens to be our most valued resource “Our Children”. Through our children we secure the future of our great nation. We must continue to battle the dropout rate, the failure to attend school, the use or consumption of prohibited drugs and those that cause themselves to fall through the cracks. We must identify it as a plague affecting our youth and offer them a viable way out of continued abuse through mentoring, counselling and yes even punishment. Save our future by saving our Children.
The abilities which enabled me to perform the responsibilities of this office are many. Most of which have shaped and molded me through the direct interaction with the people which I have served for two decades. I have the judicial temperament to be an effective Judge. I have the compassion, the honesty, ethical and moral values not only while in office but in my personal life. I am approachable and never give the impression that my position places me above anyone else. I am aware of the fact that this office belongs to the people. Dedicated,committed,dependable,passionate,trustworthy!!!!!
The residents of Pct 5 have honored me for more than two decades with their trust in my ability and experience. It has truly been an honor for me to have upheld the dignity and integrity of this office. We have navigated through numerous changes and have maintained efficiency in our public service. My commitment to this office is one based in HONESTY, INTEGRITY and EXPERIENCE. With the same dedication and loyalty to the office I pledged to uphold on January 1, 1995 I want to continue dedicating myself to serving you and remain accessible to you as I have for the past 24 years. VOTE PENA FOR JP