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District Judge, 309th Judicial District

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    Linda Marie Dunson (Dem) Attorney

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    Kathy Vossler (Dem) Lawyer

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What will you do to ensure that all parties involved in cases before the court will have an opportunity to have their interests adequately represented and considered?

How will you ensure impartiality in your court given the current system of financing judicial campaigns, which allows donations from those who may later bring cases before your court?

What will you do to ensure that cases before your court are heard in a timely manner?

Education/Degrees B.S. Psychology/Sociology, Juris Doctor, LL.M Tax, U.S. Customs Broker, Basic Mediation Certificate, Advanced Family Law Mediator, State Bar Trial Academy, Texas Lawyers Care Trial Academy, and Texas Criminal Lawyers Trial Academy
Professional Experience I have the ability to read, comprehend and interpret the family laws. My practice has been centered on family law matters. I am a mediator with management experience and psych/socio background. I relate to many cultures. Family is my passion.
Community Involvement I have been involved in community service most of my life, such as efforts to eradicate police brutality, protecting voter rights, hurricane Harvey volunteer, effecting human trafficking policies & free legal advice volunteer to name a few.
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Campaign Phone (713) 570-6411
Twitter @Dunson4Judge
As a judge I must be impartial. However. I will make sure that the litigants respect each other and treat each other in a dignified and courteous manner in the courtroom. One one my duties will be to make sure all parties have a fair opportunity to present their case. I will avoid ex parte communications. I will ask for clarification when needed. I will ensure that all who come before the court be treated justly, fairly and impartially, without being discriminated against because of their race, gender, disability, gender identity, etc., while respecting the rule of law.
As a member of the judiciary i will perform my duties impartialy and diligently, upholding the duties and responsibilities set out in The Texas Code of Judicial Conduct. I will establish as part of the courtroom decorum that ALL persons will be treated fairly, equally and with respect. I will avoid all apppearance of impropriety and act in a manner which promotes public confidence in the integrity of the bench.
I believe cases involving domestic violence and child abuse where persons are in imminent danger should receive the highest scheduling prior. Adequate qualified staff must be employed to maintain an organized court and direct the flow of cases. I believe weekly caseload meetings are a must to ensure that cases do not fall through the crack and that are resolved effectively and efficiently, without impeding on a litigants right to be heard. Time management and minimum absences from the bench is of paramount importance to maintain the fluid movement of cases. Training the staff on my expectations for maintain the court's decorum, and letting them know that they are part of a team is my first priority.
Education/Degrees JD (Law Degree), U of H Law Center, 1997. Cum Laude B.S. Political Science, U of H, 1993, Magna Cum Laude St. Pius X High School St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School
Professional Experience I have practiced Family Law for 20 Years. I have represented every type of client in every type of case that the 309th Family Court hears.
Community Involvement President, Superneighborhood 22. Leadership Houston Class XXXIV, Project Co-Chair. Life Member, Texas Family Law Foundation. Life Member, Houston Rodeo Life Member, U of H Alumni Association Past President of Civic Club Harvey Volunteer Member, DRT
Campaign Website http://KathyVosslerForJudge
Campaign Phone (713) 861-9447
Twitter @KathyVossler
In my 20 years as a family lawyer, I have represented husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, children and other relatives of every race, religion, ethnicity and orientation.

I have handled nasty custody battles, complex property cases and cases where parties agree on major issues. I have collected child support and defended child support debtors. I have represented poor clients and wealthy clients, victims of abuse and alleged abusers.

Everyone who comes into my court will have an experienced, fair Judge who will listen to them and judge them according to the law. I will not favor anyone because of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, political party or income.

My goal is that all who come before me will emerge as better parents, better people and for the children in my court to lead safe and healthy lives.

I will establish a tone of dignity, respect and honor in my court. I will hold these standards for myself as Judge and for all who work in my court.
I will honor and defend the integrity of the court. My respect and commitment to the ideals of justice prevent me from engaging in back-scratching, deal making and political favors, all of which degrade the purpose of the court.

I will make appointments when necessary, based on the established Wheel system, and not based on a donor list. I will honor agreements when reached by parties, and maintain fairness to all parties when it comes to rulings, fees and the necessity of appointments.

I will judge each case on its own merits. I will hear the evidence and make decisions that follow the law and that reflect the evidence brought forward in the case. The parties and lawyers who come before me will be treated with professionalism and respect, and I will avoid both favoritism and the appearance of favoritism.
No client should be forced to pay an attorney to wait for a Judge to show up for work. No attorney should have to choose to either bill a client for waiting, or lose money and valuable time because a Judge is not ready.

I've been practicing family law for a long time and I have seen how this kind of wasted time drives up the cost of litigation for clients, forces lawyers to sacrifice their fees for the sake of their clients and takes away time from their practice. Harris County deserves better.

I have had a good work ethic my entire career. I will come to the court on time and ready to work. I will begin hearings when the parties are ready, schedule them to begin at specific times so that the parties and lawyers are not wasting valuable time and money. I will look at staggered start times for hearings so that the court is not overwhelmed in the mornings and empty in the afternoons. I will hold myself and the court to a high standard of excellence.