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Texas House, District 133

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    Jim Murphy

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    Marty Schexnayder

Biographical Information

Identify what you think are the 2 most important issues that affect the people in your district and give specific examples of measurable actions you will take to address these issues.

What specific criteria do you believe must be met in order to justify spending reserves in the Economic Stabilization Fund (Rainy Day Fund)? What requirements should there be to ensure that permanent funding solutions are developed going forward?

What will you do as a member of the Texas Legislature to ensure that all children living in Texas receive a quality education?

How can the state of Texas best partner with local governments and private providers to ensure Texans have access to mental health and addiction treatment services?

Education Jim Murphy graduated from Strake Jesuit and UT Austin.
Experience Jim began his professional career as a teacher in the City of Houston.Twice elected to the HCC Board of Trustees. He is President of District Management Services.
Community Served on boards including: Houston West Chamber of Commerce, West Houston Medical Center, and the Houston Assn. of Commercial Realtors and Urban Land Institute.
Phone (713) 278-7796
Twitter @JimMurphy133
Public safety is the top priority at any level of government. I will continue to ensure that our criminal justice system is effective and push for State help with our flooding issues which impact Public Safety. Having a strong economy that provides opportunities for meaningful employment, attracts investment, and generates adequate tax revenues for our state is our second priority mission. Expanding workforce training, establishing reasonable taxes and regulations will continue to be my focus.
For the Texas Legislature to access reserves in the Economic Stabilization Fund the requirements that should be met are the following: it should not be used for an on-going expense, it should only be used for emergency related items, it should be a one-time expense, and capital projects. Any time the Rainy Day Fund is accessed it should be done only with a super majority of the Texas Legislature.
Adequate funding is certainly a consideration in ensuring that every child has a quality education but this is a larger issue that should include expanded career counseling, parental training, and performance measures. There are bright spots in the world of public education but we cannot have children falling through the gaps.
Mental health and addiction treatment, properly provided, can benefit both the individuals treated and society as a whole which is why Texas has taken the steps in the last few years to achieve this. Funding has been greatly expanded from the state, new courts have been authorized, and diversion programs established to keep offenders out of prison and in places for treatment. As these programs produce the positive and measurable results we anticipate, I'll be among many seeking their expansion.
Education B.A. University of Texas Austin 1988 J.D. University of Texas Austin 1991
Experience Attorney, Private Practice 1991-Present
Community Member, St. Martin Episcopal Church; Board of Directors, Faith in Practice; Volunteer, Interfaith Ministries (Refugee Services, Meals on Wheels)
Phone (713) 907-9393
Twitter @SchexforTX133
1. Public Education Finance Reform: The public education finance system in Texas is broken and must be reformed. I will push to increase state funding for public education so that property owners are not bearing this burden by increased property taxes. 2. Flood Control. District 133 was ravaged during Hurricane Harvey. I will support increased funding for flood control, state buyout of undeveloped wetlands and creation of a state agency to coordinate federal, state and local spending.
The Rainy Day Fund reserves should be tapped to fulfill emergency spending needs, which include public education as well as flood control. Additional state funding can be obtained by reforming property tax laws to ensure commercial interests pay their fair share. I would also eliminate the cuts to the state franchise taxes.
Reform public education finance. Require the state to fund at least 50% of public education finance. Increase spending per pupil to pre-2008 levels and increase teacher pay. I also oppose vouchers.
Expand Medicaid!!