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Hays County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4

A Justice of the Peace hears traffic and other Class C misdemeanor cases punishable by fine only, civil cases with up to $10,000 in controversy, landlord and tenant disputes, truancy cases, performs magistrate duties, and conducts inquests.
  • Robert Avera (Rep)

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    John Burns (Rep) Attorney

  • Jason Carter (Rep)

  • William "Bill" D. Davis (Rep) Attorney/Engineer

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1) How would you ensure equitable sentencing in cases that come before you?

2) What do you see as the priority issue for the office of Justice of the Peace in your precinct and how would you address it?

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Education JD, U.C. Davis School of Law, with honors; PhD, Baylor College of Medicine; Bachelor's and Masters degrees in Microbiology
Experience Practicing attorney for over 20 years. Veteran- retired Navy (5 years active, 17 reserve); Naval Intelligence Officer; Top Secret security clearance
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Everyone is entitled to equal treatment under the law. As Justice of the Peace, I will make sure that each person is treated fairly in Justice Court. Before reaching a decision, I will carefully consider the facts and circumstances of each case in light of the applicable law.

While each case must be determined on its individual merits, it is important that people in similar situations receive similar outcomes. In my opinion, it is the obligation of every judge to make sure that “equal justice for all” is a reality, not just an expression. As JP, I will make sure this is the everyday reality
I think two of the biggest problems are the unwillingness to listen to other’s points of view and a general lack of responsibility and accountability. As an attorney and an intelligence officer in the Navy, I’ve learned to be a good listener.

While situations sometimes occur beyond our control, how we respond is up to us. We always need to act responsibly and be accountable. As your JP, I will serve as a positive role model and will try to help those who need positive guidance. As a Mentor in Hays Co. Veterans Treatment Court, I have gained valuable experience helping vets who need guidance.
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Education UT Austin School of Law - Juris Doctor; UT Austin - Master of Science in Engineering; UT Austin - B.S. Electrical Engineering
Experience Dad, husband, brother, inventor, professional engineer, consultant, Texas attorney licensed in 3 states, multiple federal courts, and patent attorney
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Campaign Phone (512) 858-9910
The vast bulk of JP work is civil in nature. JPs hear misdemeanor criminal cases. Misdemeanor case sanctions may include fines, jail, or some combination of the two. Sentences should consider a number of factors and reflect the severity of the crime as well as the particulars of the defendant. When governments adopt for-profit scams deeming citizens guilty without a hearing/trial like Hays County did it is the duty of the JPs to follow the higher law. I had to sue Hays County to end one of these scams. As a JP I would ensure procedural and substantive constitutional due process.
1. We have an unelected "general counsel" working primarily for the benefit of one [former] county commissioner to "advise" or dictate to other elected officials. This impermissibly interferes with the duties and performance of independent officials of Hays County. I filed suit to bring a halt to one example of it. As an elected JP I would maintain the office independent of these "advisers". 2. The county interferes with access to JP court records. Texas constitutionally mandates open courts. I follow the Texas constitution rather than county "advisers" who prefer closed courts.