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County School Trustee, Position 4, Precinct 3

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    Josh Flynn (Rep) Tax Professional

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    Bradley A. Tashenberg (Rep) Executive Vice President

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If elected, what do you hope to achieve during your term in office?

What do you see as the appropriate role of the County School Board in ensuring that residents in Harris County are receiving the best possible educational opportunities? Please address education at all levels from early childhood to adult.

In your opinion, what are the three most valuable services currently being provided by the County Board of Education?

Education/Degrees Studied Accounting
Professional Experience Self employed 25 years
Community Involvement Republican Party Nazarene Church Boy Scouts of America
Campaign Email
Campaign Website
Campaign Phone (713) 443-8868
Twitter @jbflynn
Streamline operations for the children and the taxpayer
Many of the services provided by the County School Board are duplicated by other public and private agencies. The board must evaluate the successes and implement the standards that are proven and more efficient.
Teaching and Learning Center, Head Start, Afterschool programs
Education/Degrees Bachelors in Economics; Political Science at Texas State University PhD Economics Student at George Mason University, (2006-2007)
Professional Experience Computer Database Services; Political Campaign and Strategic Coordinator (State and Federal); Executive Development and Organizational Builder; Board Member for Distinguished Companies.
Community Involvement Currently involved in the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF), Liberty Leadership Council of Houston, raising 2 beautiful daughters in a solid Christian environment.
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (713) 621-2808
As a candidate running for Harris County School Board, I hope to have the opportunity to grant access to fair and equitable funding. I aim to increase community involvement. Promote student accountability aside from standardized testing. Prioritize Bi-lingual education that helps students learn to speak, write, and read English without sacrificing other academic progress. Promote an increase in parental input in the evaluation process of educators. Also, I will continue to support superior programs, especially those that take into account the needs of individual pupils. Lastly, I hope to successfully facilitate access to school choice.
The role of the County School Board is to facilitate and promote superior programs and resources regardless of the educational level.
I strongly believe in the Head Start program. It offers those children and families that otherwise are not able to receive the readiness skills for school the opportunity to do so. CASE (Center for Afterschool, Summer and Enrichment) for Kids is also an incredibly valuable service provided by the County Board of Education. And lastly, I support the continued push for better student-to-teacher ratios for all students.