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U.S. House, District 2

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    J. Darnell Jones (Dem) Retired Naval Officer

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    Ali A. Khorasani (Dem) Field Service Engineer

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    Todd Litton (Dem) Nonprofit Executive/Consultant

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    H.P. Parvizian (Dem) CEO

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    Silky Malik (Dem) Associate Teacher, HISD

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Identify what you think are the three most important issues directly affecting the people in your district and explain how you will address these issues,if elected?

What do you think should be done to help those who don’t receive employer-sponsored health insurance and cannot afford insurance through other currently available options?

What do you think is the appropriate role of the federal government in fostering a positive environment for job creation in the United States?

Education/Degrees BA - Political Science JD - Law
Professional Experience Navy Surface Warfare Officer; Director of Evaluations NATO; Law practice Dekalb Cty Juvenile Court; Assistant Director of Equal Opportunity; SW Regional STEM Outreach Coordinator. Led Navy-wide cross-functional groups; Owner Pro Diversity Svcs, Inc.
Community Involvement Collegiate Campaign Coordinator for Harold Ford, Jr. For Congress (1996); NAACP, Central Reg VP for Nat'l Naval Officers Assoc., Regional Robotics Coordinator, Ran for City Council, Mbr of Democratic clubs, Hurricane Harvey Relief Volunteer.
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Campaign Phone (713) 489-3638
Twitter @darnellTX02
1. Flood control. I plan to devise a team of experts to re-evaluate and assess the flood control plan for the region. One of the immediate concerns is to ensure all canals and bayous are dredged to the proper depths that will allow flood water runoff. This had not been done prior to Hurricane Harvey. I plan to secure fed funding for completion of ongoing projects.

2. Infrastructure/job creation. For 6 of the past 9 years, the TX congressional delegation turned down federal funding for regional infrastructure, only to burden the citizens in the region with the expenses of toll roads and wider highways that bottleneck. I will secure federal funding for an elevated, clean energy light rail system to increase commerce by expanding entertainment and tourism outreach; and providing adequate means of ingress and egress in natural disasters.

3. Education. Our public education system is failing due to efforts to privatize for profit. I'll pressure for federal education funding to states.
I support and believe in a single payer healthcare system such as Medicare for All. Medicare has worked in our country and the reason it that prices are negotiated with pharma companies on a flat-rate per capita basis. If all Americans were on the same system, costs of healthcare would go down and doctors could actually treat their patients with preventative care, rather than their patients only having access via very expensive emergency care. When patient conditions are out of control, the costs to help them recover can be 20 times higher than the cost of preventative medications and treatment. Medicare for All would also alleviate the need for companies to pay directly into the insurance industry, whereby allowing tax dollars that should be going into our tax system to go into our tax system.
I believe it is imperative that our government create jobs that Americans can be proud of and that will invest in America. We can create jobs in our country by improving our infrastructure to replace damages and outdated infrastructure; invest in clean energy companies that use natural resources and seek to protect our environment; and by increasing tariffs on imports from American companies who outsource then ship to America for sale to avoid taxes. This action will not only provide jobs for working people right here at home, but will also release our country from the handcuffs of big time wall street investors and banks who are selling out our country for profit and leaving working class Americans to suffer and forced to work for pennies. It is the job of the federal government to protect the vision of the American dream, not to sell that vision out for profit. My campaign slogan is People Over Politics for that reason.
Education/Degrees M.S. Chemistry, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA B.S. Biochemistry, St. Edward's University, Austin, TX
Professional Experience Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Field Service Engineer - 2015-Present Graduate Research Assistant - 2014-2015 Graduate Teaching Assistant - 2013 GC/GCMS Test Technician, 2012-2013
Community Involvement Elizabeth Santos for HISD Portlight Volunteer Pearland Municipal Campaigns Interfaith Peer Minister President Obama's Interfaith Challenge L'Arche Montreal Communities in Schools Campus Ministry Student Service Council Eagle Scout
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Campaign Phone (832) 786-8892
Twitter @akhoras
Environment - I would draft science-centric legislation to use 21st century technology to innovate our flooding infrastructure. We must invest in smart urban planning to absorb water rather than redirecting it. We should leverage our community’s strength as a leader in energy to transition our country toward renewable resources. We don’t want to relive Hurricane Harvey over and over again.

Healthcare - I support the Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act, which ends for-profit healthcare and provides a public option. We must expand healthcare coverage to the millions uninsured and should reduce healthcare costs by expanding preventative care and negotiating prescription prices.

Education - I support a bottom-up approach for education that prioritizes teachers and classrooms. We must eliminate standardized testing and shift focus to growth rather than proficiency. We must provide free public undergraduate and trades education and end drastic student debt.
We already pay twice as much of our tax dollars to healthcare as any other country, although American socialized healthcare only covers veterans (Veterans Affairs), the elderly (Medicare), and people in extreme need (Medicaid). I support Medicare for All so that personal income is not a determining factor in people’s healthcare outcomes for all Americans. As a stopgap measure, I would move to mandate Affordable Care Act medicaid expansion for all states and to provide a public health insurance option in addition to the private plans on the exchanges.
Although unemployment has dropped back to normal levels, we still have record-high youth unemployment and must address the “not employed” people who have been out of the job too long to be considered unemployed. People are working longer hours for pay that has not increased relative to cost-of-living, and many of us have retained our “hyphenated” positions we worked during the Recession. The minimum wage hasn’t increased since 2007. Our government should play a central role in creating new jobs and ensuring that all workers can afford a basic standard of living.

All that being said, there is plenty of work to be done, namely in repairing and rebuilding our infrastructure to be able to handle the storms and floods that are caused by climate change. We also should invest in public transportation, renewable energy, and high-tech industries to create jobs. At a minimum, our workers deserve a $15 wage per hour, and I will work to strengthen labor rights for our workers.
Education/Degrees Duke University, B.A., English; The University of Texas School of Law, J.D.; Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business, M.B.A.
Professional Experience I successfully practiced law for 3 years and worked in investments for 6 years, but I have spent most of the last 15 years leading and innovating in the education and nonprofit space in our state and our community for children and working families.
Community Involvement I have served on the boards of numerous non-profit organizations that have had a significant impact on the health, education, and wellbeing of our community. I know how to win, advocate, and fight for our community and will do so in Congress for all.
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Twitter @toddlitton
In meeting with people across TX-02 since last May, the concerns I consistently hear about from our people involve:1) Education and career opportunities;2) Health care access; and 3) Flooding.

My ideas to address those include:1) Create a pipeline of lifelong learning to ensure that everyone can access the education and training they need to maximize their opportunities and contribute to their families, their communities and our country; 2) Provide healthcare for everyone that includes cost-effective, preventive healthcare instead of expensive ER visits; lower drug costs; and women’s reproductive choices, and 3) Build a resilient infrastructure where the federal, state, and local governments work together and invest together to build the infrastructure we need to protect our people, our communities, and our economy.

I believe these priorities will expand opportunity for all communities, and I will work to ensure that that expansion of opportunity is the reality for all communities.
My wife is a doctor who used to treat patients at Ben Taub’s ER. She saw too many people delaying health care and harming their health, and their ability to contribute to their families or work, because they couldn’t afford to see a doctor.

Health care is a fundamental right in America. Too many people, though, can’t access the health care they need to lead healthy and productive lives. When health care is delivered through our ER’s it’s typically provided after a health care condition has become severe, and consequently, the individual’s and their families’ quality of life has suffered; and the cost of the care provided is much more expensive than it would be if treated earlier before the condition worsened. It’s both common sense and common decency to provide quality health care to all people so they can lead productive and engaged lives at home, at work and in the community.

I believe we should expand eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid to close the gap.
Government’s role in fostering a positive jobs environment rests largely in three areas: 1) Investing in our people, so that they can grow and develop, earn good wages and start businesses that create more jobs; 2) Investing in our nation’s critical infrastructure and R&D to protect and support the growth and development of our people, our communities, our commerce, and our country; and 3) Protecting our citizens and consumers, and allowing our businesses and industries to grow with common sense regulations—protection and regulation are different sides of the same coin.

In Congress, I will: 1) Create a pipeline of lifelong learning to develop all of our people to their fullest capabilities; 2) Invest in the infrastructure we need to protect our people and our communities; 3) Balance the protections our people and businesses need to thrive on a fair playing field that supports employees and employers.
Education/Degrees Bachelors in Business Administration Double Major: Finance and Marketing Minor: Public Relations
Professional Experience Owner of Multiple Sit Means Sit Dog Training Franchises Board Member - The Go Team Therapy Dogs Executive Advisor Committee for Sheriff Gonzales Franchise Working Group Representative Southern Region Real Estate Investor and Developer
Community Involvement Committee Chair-Bike 2 the Beach Houston Charity Auctioneer Advocate through Art Hurricane Harvey Rescuer Donate Dog Training to BARC Bite Prevention Safety Children, USPS, & Schools. Supporter Autism Speaks, Child Assessment Center,BARC, Alzheimer
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The first issue is Jobs and Economy. By improving our infrastructure including transportation we will increase jobs with living wages locally to allow our children and grandchildren to stay close to home. We must request a study from the Corp of Engineers on our current infrastructure, including our dam and reservoirs. A proposed solution taking into account our future growth to allow us to not only improve our district but also our City. I will also protect our environment and our City Green Spaces.

The second issue is Healthcare for Children. I will fight to ensure every child has the opportunity for health care and ensure CHIP has no funding delays.

The third issue is Equality for All. I will fight for equality for all. While in D.C. I am prepared to fight for the rights of all our citizens. Here in Houston I will work on uniting and stopping the divide that is only hurting the people. We will work together and focus on building this city as Texans as we did during Harvey.
The answer to this question is neither direct or immediate. Instead we must continue to grow and adapt the blue print that Obama made with the affordable health care act. While not perfect it can be adjusted to become a great solution. We must protect and strengthen Medicare. We will not progress as a society if everyone has insurance but are unable afford the medical bills or the deductibles. We must make insurance affordable for everyone. As a society cannot grow if we do not help those in need. We must ensure everyone has an opportunity to receive proper healthcare.
The Federal Government should be involved in fostering jobs at all levels. As your next Congressman, I will work hard for the working families of Texas. I will create a jobs leadership team in Texas’ 2nd District by bringing together labor leaders, business leaders, community leaders, public officials, senior citizens, veterans, students, republicans, democrats and individuals interested in discussing ways to create more jobs in Texas.
Education/Degrees BS Psychology, UH Main BS Sociology, UH Main MBA, West Texas A&M
Professional Experience Behavioral Science Researcher at MD Anderson Cancer Center Health Education Specialist, MDACC Battleground Texas TX FLIP 2017 Fellow New American Leaders Project 2017 Fellow
Community Involvement Young Democrats of America Texas Delegate Association of Women, Malaysia: Project and volunteer coordinator for Kuala Lumpur's largest women's charitable organization Land Use Advisory Committee, City of Sugar Land
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Twitter @silky4congress
Healthcare: The simplest most cost-effective solution is to open the Medicare system to all U.S. workers. The public option combined with a new statutory ability to negotiate drug costs will lower healthcare costs for all Americans while preserving the ability of our biomedical and pharma companies to remain competitive on the international stage. Education: I will propose the Education for All Act:Making student loans completely tax-deductible;Placing student loan repayments on equal footing with retirement savings, by making all student loan payments tax deductible;Providing funding for universal pre-k and matching grants for after school programs in STEM;Increasing educators after tax income through a special tax credit for classroom teachers and educators;Increasing educational options by broadening the vocational and technical classes. Infrastructure and post-Harvey remediation:Repair/rebuild Barker & Addicks reservoirs,3rd floodwater dam along cypress creek; Ike Dike;home buyouts
Medicare for all is the best approach to broadening the base of insured individuals and lower the cost of care for all Americans. Further we should increase funding for the FTC and the DOJ to go after local monopolies under the existing Robinson-Patman act so people are not jammed up by surprise hospital costs.
Job creation is primarily related to the health of small and medium sized businesses in the economy. To foster the creation of small and mid-sized businesses I believe we must do three things: Simplify regulations, deter anti-competitive behavior, and foster job creation through portable benefits. Simplify regulations: Too many Small and mid-sized firms cannot employ the experts needed to compete with large businesses regarding healthcare benefits. By allowing businesses to use Medicare as their primary healthcare option for their employees we can allow business owners to focus on growing their companies. Deter-anticompetitive behavior: We need to protect small and mid-sized businesses from the anticompetitive behavior of large industries. Portable benefits: Only 36% of American workers have access to and are saving within a 401(k) plan. By making Medicare the default healthcare provider workers can leave for better paying jobs, or to create their own businesses.