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U.S. House, District 2

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    Dan Crenshaw

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    Todd Litton

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Identify what you think are the three most important issues directly affecting the people in your district and explain how you will address these issues,if elected?

What do you think should be done to help those who don’t receive employer-sponsored health insurance and cannot afford insurance through other currently available options?

What do you think is the appropriate role of the federal government in fostering a positive environment for job creation in the United States?

Education/Degrees Tufts, International Affairs w/ Minor in Physics Harvard, Kennedy School, Masters of Public Administration
Professional Experience 2017 - Military Legislative Fellow for Congressman Pete Sessions. 2006 – 2016 U.S. Navy SEAL with Deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, South Korea. Medically Retired Lt. Commander.
Community Involvement Volunteer for Travis Manion Foundation (Gold Star Families), Navy SEAL Foundation, One Summit, and volunteered with Team Rubicon during Hurricane Harvey Clean Up. Advocate for charter school legislation while at HKS. Member Harvard Kennedy School
Twitter @DanCrenshawTX
1. Border Security and National Security– My operational background makes me uniquely qualified to understand and assess what is needed by our Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol agents. We need to build a WALL, increase border patrol and technology/surveillance, and END sanctuary cities/chain migration/lottery system. On National Security issues, we need knowledge and experience in Congress, not talking points. North Korea is on the brink, Iran is looming. I understand what is needed for our military and how best to support them effectively. 2. National Debt and Spending – Tackle Mandatory Spending Programs. End entitlement/dependency cycle and create a path to self-sustainment, accountability, and dignity; not endless handouts that cause dependency. 3. Free-enterprise1: I believe our free-market capitalist ideas need to be defended more than ever, and we need true leaders in Congress to fight against overregulation, over-taxation, and federal overreach.
We need a free market, patient-centered health care system. Unfortunately, ObamaCare was a massive government takeover of the health care system, and it has been an unmitigated disaster. ObamaCare has caused health care costs to go up, has kicked millions of Americans off of their health insurance plans, and has increased taxes, all of which have been detrimental to the healthcare system. We need to replace it with a health care system that puts patients first, encourages competition, allows consumers to buy health insurance across state lines, and expands health savings accounts. I understand all too well the experience of being a patient in socialized medicine, both in the military and the VA. When no one is held accountable, and there’s no competition, quality of care suffers and prices skyrocket. We must give states the flexibility to experiment with solutions that deliver the cheapest and highest quality care to the most people.
As the debate in Congress rages on and Democrats make false accusations about Republican ideas, we must stick to free-market principles. We have to give corporations the incentives to repatriate their profits so we can grow our tax base, and encourage investment.We must simplify the individual income tax, and remove deductions that distort our economy and reduce revenue unnecessarily. We must stand for pro-growth policies because we cannot lift the poor out of poverty or raise middle-class wages without a strong and growing economy. This is common sense economics. We must embrace free trade, and seek to give our businesses advantages by reducing regulatory burdens and lowering corporate tax rates. Small businesses are the primary driver of growth in this country and we need to ensure their success. It should be easy for entrepreneurs to start up their business and contribute to our strong economy. We have to protect the business owners that cannot afford to pay teams of lawyers.
Education/Degrees Duke University, B.A., English; The University of Texas School of Law, J.D.; Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business, M.B.A.
Professional Experience I successfully practiced law for 3 years and worked in investments for 6 years, but I have spent most of the last 15 years leading and innovating in the education and nonprofit space in our state and our community for children and working families.
Community Involvement I have served on the boards of numerous non-profit organizations that have had a significant impact on the health, education, and wellbeing of our community. I know how to win, advocate, and fight for our community and will do so in Congress for all.
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Twitter @toddlitton
In meeting with people across TX-02 since last May, the concerns I consistently hear about from our people involve:1) Education and career opportunities;2) Health care access; and 3) Flooding.

My ideas to address those include:1) Create a pipeline of lifelong learning to ensure that everyone can access the education and training they need to maximize their opportunities and contribute to their families, their communities and our country; 2) Provide healthcare for everyone that includes cost-effective, preventive healthcare instead of expensive ER visits; lower drug costs; and women’s reproductive choices, and 3) Build a resilient infrastructure where the federal, state, and local governments work together and invest together to build the infrastructure we need to protect our people, our communities, and our economy.

I believe these priorities will expand opportunity for all communities, and I will work to ensure that that expansion of opportunity is the reality for all communities.
My wife is a doctor who used to treat patients at Ben Taub’s ER. She saw too many people delaying health care and harming their health, and their ability to contribute to their families or work, because they couldn’t afford to see a doctor.

Health care is a fundamental right in America. Too many people, though, can’t access the health care they need to lead healthy and productive lives. When health care is delivered through our ER’s it’s typically provided after a health care condition has become severe, and consequently, the individual’s and their families’ quality of life has suffered; and the cost of the care provided is much more expensive than it would be if treated earlier before the condition worsened. It’s both common sense and common decency to provide quality health care to all people so they can lead productive and engaged lives at home, at work and in the community.

I believe we should expand eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid to close the gap.
Government’s role in fostering a positive jobs environment rests largely in three areas: 1) Investing in our people, so that they can grow and develop, earn good wages and start businesses that create more jobs; 2) Investing in our nation’s critical infrastructure and R&D to protect and support the growth and development of our people, our communities, our commerce, and our country; and 3) Protecting our citizens and consumers, and allowing our businesses and industries to grow with common sense regulations—protection and regulation are different sides of the same coin.

In Congress, I will: 1) Create a pipeline of lifelong learning to develop all of our people to their fullest capabilities; 2) Invest in the infrastructure we need to protect our people and our communities; 3) Balance the protections our people and businesses need to thrive on a fair playing field that supports employees and employers.