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Texas House, District 126

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    Kevin Fulton (Rep) Attorney/Small Business Owner

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    E. Sam Harless (Rep) Small Business Owner, Fred Fincher Motors

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    Gail Stanart (Rep) Self-Employed

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Identify what you think are the three most important issues directly affecting the people in your district and explain how you will address these issues, if elected?

What will you do as a member of the Texas Legislature to ensure that all Texas children receive a quality education?

What role should the Texas Legislature play in addressing the problem of human trafficking in our state and in providing funding for programs that support victims?

Education/Degrees Juris Doctor Degree
Professional Experience Owner of the Fulton Law Group PLLC. Assisted in lawsuits protecting 1st Amendment Rights including suing the City of Houston for deceptive ballot language and recently assisted in a lawsuit protecting religious freedom.
Community Involvement 1) Army vet serving as recon in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm and Operation Provide Comfort. 2) Volunteer-Domestic Violence Clinic 2) Co-founder of a Tx Republican Party Auxiliary Club 3) Elected Republican Party State and National Delegate
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Campaign Website
Campaign Phone (832) 304-4329
Twitter @fultonfortexas
1) Cut government waste-Reform the way legislators create and allocate funds in the state budget by implementing the following: a) Performance Based Budgeting for all funds used for programs with measurable outcomes. This will allow taxpayers to see if a taxpayer funded program is effective or a waste of money; b) Zero Based Budgeting for all funds used for the basic functions of government. This will require a review of how funds are used and whether they are actually needed. Currently, there is an assumption of need and budgets started at the prior cycles baseline.

2) Infrastructure-Work on flood control in the district. This includes increasing the levees at Cypress Creek and creating another reservoir to take some of the pressure off the Barker and Addicks Reservoirs.

3) Property Tax reform-Lower Appraisal caps and find stable alternate funding for education to relieve property owners from the almost exclusive burden of funding the educational system.
1) Find a stable funding source for K-12. 2) Ensure that parents, regardless of where they live, have a chance to send their child to the best educational environment for their child. 3) Reduce standardized testing requirements. 4) Allow schools to create more vocational training opportunities in 9th to 12th grade. 5) Ensure that parents with kids that have learning disabilities have a voice in the placement and educational goals for their child.

1) Increase criminal and civil penalties for businesses that facilitate prostitution. 2) Using existing revenue to increase funding to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services for the specific purpose of helping trafficking victims who are in foster care.  3) Create statewide human trafficking awareness programs. 4) Using existing revenue, provide grant funding to organizations (including faith based organizations) specifically to provide housing and other support to human trafficking victims.
Education/Degrees Sam Houston State University 2 years
Professional Experience Small business owner. Car Dealer, Owner of Fred Fincher Motors, SJH Investments, SJH Real Estate. On the Board Harris County Constable Precinct 4 Training advisory board and the Harris County Sheriff's advisory board.
Community Involvement On the Board of The Pearl Fincher Museum, support the Northwest Assistant Ministries, The Centrum Arts, The Lone Star College System ,Klein ISD and Cy-Fair ISD Education Foundation. Lifetime member of The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Campaign Email
Campaign Website
Campaign Phone (713) 899-4219
Twitter @SamHarless126
1.Border Security. We must do more to secure our borders by providing additional resources to hire more agents to patrol the borders. 2. Property Tax Reform. Property owners are over burdened with high property taxes. Tax reform should start with school finance reform. The State needs to pay its fair share of the cost to educate our children. 3. Flooding. Harris County was devastated by Hurricane Harvey. We must build additional reservoirs to prevent future flooding. We can obtain the funds from the rainy day fund or FEMA. 4. Education. We need school finance reform. We need to put more money in the classrooms to educate our kids. We need to stop shifting money from education to other areas.
School finance reform. We need to make sure the State pays its fair share to educate our children. Promote school choice so our children are not locked into a failing school district.
This is critical. We must do more to secure our border and crack down on human smuggling. We must provide resources to victims of this appalling practice. We need to make sure we have stiffer penalties for those that exploit victims.
Education/Degrees Lamar University; University of Houston; Lone Star College; Southwestern Assemblies of God University
Professional Experience Insurance Agent: Paralegal: Small Business Owner; Oil & Gas Corporation; Retail Administration
Community Involvement Champion Forest Baptist Church; Bible Study Fellowship; Republican Women Clubs; Repubican Party of Texas State Republican Executive Committeewoman - Senatorial District 15
Campaign Email
Campaign Address PO Box 1581
Houston, TX 77251
Campaign Phone (281) 537-0803
Twitter @gailstanart
Property Taxes - Propose a more equitable solution to funding government by moving from property taxes to a consumption tax; Flood Control - Actively enhance the cooperative measures and funding between the Federal, state and county governments, working with Cong. Michael McCaul, County Judge Ed Emmett, & Commissioner Jack Cagle to build the Cypress Creek Reservoir and fix the Addick and Barker Reservoirs; Education - More equitable funding for all students by allocating funding to the student rather than ISDs thereby introducing competition in education, while maintaining the viablility of public education which educates the majority. Increasing teacher merit-based pay and more dollars in the classroom rather than for administration. Reintroduce moral values into curriculum emphasizing respect for all.
Give parents the opportunity to fund their child's education with tax dollars allocated to the child. Continue to review and revamp the testing system and the school grading system to put more emphasis on the teacher's evaluations and testing.
Human trafficking is a crime. Efforts to identify and prosecute those committing the crime must be a high priority. Encourage charities and churches to provide support programs for victims by establishing a fund for which these organizations can apply for funds.