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Texas House, District 126

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    Undrai F. Fizer (Dem) Minister/Personal Life Strategist

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    Natali Hurtado (Dem) Natali Hurtado

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Identify what you think are the three most important issues directly affecting the people in your district and explain how you will address these issues, if elected?

What will you do as a member of the Texas Legislature to ensure that all Texas children receive a quality education?

What role should the Texas Legislature play in addressing the problem of human trafficking in our state and in providing funding for programs that support victims?

Education/Degrees Shadydale Elementary School B.C. Elmore Middle School Forest Brook HS. '85 Latin University of Theology; D.Div. Religious Education United Graduate College and Seminary: Ph.D. Humanities
Professional Experience Certified Life Coach; The Kairos Institute Founder/Publisher; Divine House Books Founder, Director: Kairos Inter-Global Inc. Jazz Pianist; Undrai Fizer Radio PANDORA
Community Involvement Director of Houston, Hope, Humanity: an informative outreach that teaches life skills; spiritual development; inclusivity networking and voter registration/outreach
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We live in a very thriving district, in all areas. I do believe that we could be more culturally inclusive and inviting. The present political climate has left a "bad taste" in the community. Also, for this to be a thriving community; we are experiencing very negative disciplinary problems at certain schools. I believe this needs to be addressed. Our healthcare program for our seniors and individuals with preexisting conditions are finding themselves in a dilemma and we need to fix that. Many of our established neighborhoods need to be protected more from flooding issues as well. Therefore, in the midst of a beautiful, outward presentation, we have yet to determine what intricate CORE VALUE we are living from; the CORE VALUE that empowers us to be a COMMUNITY. With the resident dynamic changing drastically; we need to address the ever-present needs to upgrade community, family, and educational involvement for ALL PEOPLE, and not just "the SOME!"
We have great schools, especially within District 126. However, that's not the case in some of our State's "underserved" communities. I will do all that I can, as I am doing now, to seek ways to inspire the families in these areas to find vision, hope, and encouragement to do even greater things in life. Education, without a student, isn't education. Many of our "students"have no hope. Thus, there is no greater quality of life. I want to use this platform in legislature to establish "LIFE REFORMS," a unique communication resource that will tap into the creative potential of various people groups. Many have a unique way of learning. I believe that we have quality teachers who possess enough depth to communicate to this present generation's children. We're going to need a lot of creative ways to do so and I am all for it. Students must feel that their life is relevant and that there is so much more for them to achieve.
We should show a greater value for human life, family, and gender quality. We should establish harsher penalties for trafficking as well. Most of these issues are psychological and spiritual in nature. Many are experiencing issues at home, various relationships, and the need for acceptance, and are finding themselves in "dark situations" that happen to exploit their weaknesses and in some cases, rebellion. I don't know if we can totally "end it," but we can comprehend it greater. For every individual that find themselves searching for purpose in all of the wrong places, there will be "johns" there to pick them up. I believe we need to establish more counseling centers, and even empower places of worship to deal with some of these issues as well. Everything isn't as bureaucratic as it looks. Some things are personal, mental, spiritual, etc. I believe we, as representatives, should take more of a human approach to our communities. I believe it would make a difference.
Education/Degrees Masters in Public Policy & Administration - University of St. Thomas Double BA Psychology & Political Science - University of Houston
Professional Experience Director of Services for the International Management District - Hawes, Hill & Associates District Director - State Representative Kristi Thibaut Mickey Leland Intern - Hobby Center for Public Policy CHIP Intern - Hobby Center for Public Policy
Community Involvement Commissioner for Keep Houston Beautiful Former Aldine YMCA Board Member Former District Director for Boy Scouts of America Former Young Professional for Child Advocates
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Campaign Phone (281) 826-4157
Education is a very important issue in district 126. I plan to fight on behalf of teachers and administrators making sure they are receiving the necessary tools to ensure a quality education for our children. Allocating proper funding and reworking the school finance formula is an excellent place to start. Healthcare is another key issue in our district. Making sure people are not having to choose between buying their medicine or getting basic necessities for home is critical. By expanding Medicaid and accepting federal funding that comes along with this expansion can easily help so many people thrive. Lastly, I believe getting a hold on our property taxes is critical. Homeowners are having to carry the load for big corporations that feel they don't need to pay their fair share - this has to change. By working with others, we can close the current loopholes that are in place that benefit big corporations and stop burdening homeowners with increasing taxes.
I will work diligently to make sure our public schools are getting their fair share of the budget. This means we have to make sure everyone is paying their share and that includes big corporations that are currently benefiting from the "equity statute". This statue alone is depleting school districts of valuable funding and is causing homeowners to pick up their weight. I will also ensure that we are addressing the much needed expansion of Pre-K. Our children's minds are at a critical development level during Pre-K age and it is important that we foster their development.
I believe an excellent start would be to stop criminalizing the victims that are brought into this awful situation. We should be funding more outreach and rehabilitative centers for the victims so they know there is a way out.