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U.S. House, District 29

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    Phillip Aronoff

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    Carmen Maria Montiel

Biographical Information

Identify what you think are the three most important issues directly affecting the people in your district and explain how you will address these issues,if elected?

What do you think should be done to help those who don’t receive employer-sponsored health insurance and cannot afford insurance through other currently available options?

What do you think is the appropriate role of the federal government in fostering a positive environment for job creation in the United States?

Education/Degrees Bachelor of business
Professional Experience 50 years entrepreneur in foreign trade
Community Involvement Served Texas in the capacity of Chairman of the State Purchasing and General Services Commission, appointed by Governor Clements. He has been very active in the Houston community serving on the Harris County Housing Authority, and other positions
Campaign Email info@aronoffforcongres
Campaign Phone (713) 825-1959
Government regulation is strangling the economy and I support President Trump's efforts to rollback the excessive meddling in the private affairs of business and individuals. I support the tax reduction for the businesses in the country and will fight to reduce taxes for individuals. Protecting the US security and not giving our sovereignty to the United Nations.
Get the government out of the contracts between the individual and the insurance company. Specifically allow major medical policies which were available before the government designed one size for all insurance coverage.
GET OUT OF THE WAY AND KEEP THE HIGHWAYS IN GOOD CONDITION. Don't tax the life out of industry and don't try to control how business relates with its customers.
Education/Degrees College graduated from ETSU Doble major in Broadcasting and Spanish with honors Magna Cum Laude
Professional Experience Work as Anchorwoman in Venevision, Venezuela. Telemundo Houston. Office Manager at TICSD
Community Involvement President of the Mecenas, MFAH; Virtuosi of Houston; Unicef; LWI; Institute of Hispanic Culture.
Campaign Website
Campaign Phone (713) 487-9265
The three more important issues in District 29 are: Jobs, Education and Immigration. Jobs: Heavy regulations had limited jobs within our District. I believe that de-regulation and the revible of NASA will boost jobs in our District. Education: The Schools in our District are limited financially, as a community we need to provide more for our Children and bring into the area more Prep Schools of the likes of Cristo Rey Jesuit, like KIPP and Yes Prep. Immigration: The problem in the Border is affectiong us all. We need more Border Security to garanty Safety not only to our citizens but everyone acroos the Border. Houston had become number 1 Port of Human Traficking and that is one of the many crimes that we are facing in the Border along with many other crimes. As a legal immigrant I support legal immigration that respect the law of the land.
I think Medicaid should be available for these people
The Federal Goverment should improve the economy in the country in order for jobs to be created. At this moment de-regulation and tax cut is a positive approach into more jobs creation.