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U.S. House, District 29

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    Phillip Aronoff

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    Sylvia R. Garcia

  • Johnathan Garza

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Identify what you think are the 2 most important issues that affect the people in your district and give specific examples of measurable actions you will take to address these issues.

What do you think are the most important issues in the current immigration policy debate and what would you propose as the way forward?

What role should Congress play in ensuring that the American healthcare system is accessible and affordable across all demographic groups?

What is the appropriate role of the Federal government in protecting the integrity of American elections?

Education University of Houston - Bachelor of Business- International Business
Experience 50 year entrepreneur in foreign trade and 14 years as a diplomat.
Community Harris County Housing Authority, Harris County Housing Finance Authority, President of the City of Houston public access television, Chairman of ADL - Houston, and more.
Phone (713) 825-1959
Twitter @Aronoff4USRep
Healthcare Access- Block grant Medicaid payments to states, so that we can experiment with programs like the Health Savings Account solution. The issue isn’t coverage. The issue is access. With HSA accounts, for those who need it, they can see any doctor they want.

Immigration Reform- Pass law to give a pathway of citizenship to those that fall under DACA. Implement a new rolling work visa program that makes it easier for immigrants to come here and work. (Bracero 2 - Houston Chronicle OP-ED)
Work Visas- It wasn’t always this difficult to obtain work visas. There were negative things about the Bracero program decades ago, but if we take the good parts of it, then we have a chance to rectify the issue.

The Wall- A wall is expensive & unnecessary. A majority of my district doesn’t want it. We can use technology to solve the security problem. If the work visa program is changed, then we can focus on the real criminals, & not people who are just looking to feed their families.
1. Block grant Medicaid payments to states. 2. Allow states to authorize programs like Health Savings Account issuance for those in need 3. Reduce regulations on insurance companies, so that premiums will lower. 4. Allow out-of-state practitioners to use communication technology to treat patients around the nation. 5. Root out the cronyism in the FDA.
1. Ensuring that states are doing their jobs, and putting oversight on the areas that are in question. 2. Encouraging cooperation with the digital media sector and federal agencies, so that foreign influence can be exposed and stopped. 3. Putting penalties on those foreign governments that have been proven to have interfered with American elections.
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Education B.A., Social Work, Texas Woman's University; J.D., Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University
Experience Former social worker, legal aid lawyer, Houston Municipal Judge, Houston City Controller, Harris County Commissioner, Current Texas State Senator for District 6.
Community Served on more than 25 community boards, including the San Jacinto Girl Scouts, the Houston Hispanic Forum, the American Leadership Forum and the Battleship Texas Foundation.
Phone (832) 869-7529
Twitter @SenatorSylvia
Our district urgently needs access to economic opportunity and affordable healthcare for all. 24% of families in our district live in poverty, and 38% lack a high school degree. To address this I will work to raise the federal minimum wage, advocate for increased funding for workforce training, and help bring jobs to our area. Our community also needs access to affordable healthcare, with 35% of people lacking health insurance. I will work tirelessly to defend and expand the Affordable Care Act.
If elected to Congress my top priority will be to end the heartless zero tolerance policies of the Trump Administration. Our country has to stop tearing families apart; it is inhumane and against American values. I will also work to pass the Dream Act, and advocate for comprehensive immigration reform that includes a road-map to citizenship for hardworking immigrant families in the United States.
Access to healthcare is a human right, and Congress must do everything necessary to ensure that Americans have access to quality affordable healthcare, regardless of socioeconomic status. I would work to protect Medicare and Medicaid, fight any cuts to either program, and stand up to attempts to turn Medicare into a voucher system. Also, I would work to increase funding for community based health clinics, which are critical in our District.
It is well documented that our country is extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks on our electoral system. We cannot allow foreign dictators to undermine our democracy. Congress must authorize additional spending for election security, so that the states will have the resources to shore up their cyber-security infrastructure, and to implement paper-trail systems to verify our votes in case of system failure.
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