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U.S. House, District 22

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    James Green (Rep) Instructor

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    Danny Nguyen (Rep) Commercial Real Estate

  • Pete Olson (Rep)

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    Eric Zmrhal (Rep) Engineer

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Identify what you think are the three most important issues directly affecting the people in your district and explain how you will address these issues,if elected?

What do you think should be done to help those who don’t receive employer-sponsored health insurance and cannot afford insurance through other currently available options?

What do you think is the appropriate role of the federal government in fostering a positive environment for job creation in the United States?

Education/Degrees BA-Liberal Studies (Political Science) AS-Nuclear Engineering Technology
Professional Experience Electrical Maintenance - Instructor Senior Reactor Operator Certified - Instructor USN Chief Electricians Mate Submarines (Retired)
Immigration - Submit legislation establishing a merit based immigration system, ending chain, and lotto immigration practices. Fund a physical boarder wall and electronic surveillance systems. Healthcare - Support clean repeal of ACA, repeal of McCarran-Ferguson Act, Tort reform legislation, and submit a routine care bill that removes government and insurance from routine care. Budget - Submit legislation requiring a budget reduction of 25% to any agency that isn’t meeting effectiveness goals.
A rewriting of Federal Savings Account legislation should create a non-interest bearing account for all American citizens not eligible for Medicare. Each account should be given an annual stipend from the government and allowed pre-tax personal contributions up to $2k per year. This account would be used to pay for all routine medical care (i.e. physicals, vaccinations, eye exams, dental exams, etc.). This would reduce the costs associated with private insurance plans making them less expensive. Tort reform would further reduce the hidden costs of healthcare and eliminate the need for excessive testing. Repeal of the McCarran-Ferguson Act would allow insurance to be sold across state lines making a more competitive and streamline market which should reduce cost.
The federal government should establish foreign trade policies which level the “field” between American manufacturers and their foreign competition who don’t follow the same environmental regulations, uphold the same workplace safety standards, provide adequate wages to workers, etc. Nationally, the federal government should ensure no state is given an advantage over another as a result of federal regulation or law, including but not limited to tax codes that benefit corporations in one state at the expense of others. Maintain a rigid review process to eliminate unnecessary or overburden some regulations.
Education/Degrees Graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in business, attending the Master’s degree program and later obtaining his certification as a CCIM, the highest designation in the commercial real estate industry.
Professional Experience Danny jumped wholeheartedly into the world of commercial real estate. Having gained experience working with major commercial real estate firms as an agent, Danny soon after obtained his broker’s license and opened his own firm.
Community Involvement 2x Missouri City councilman at large Involvement in Tx GOP
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Campaign Phone (832) 899-5542
1. Flooding; begin to implement drainage improvement projects, that have been in-work, and shovel ready for decades.

2. Actually begin to enforce existing immigration laws., I will support the loosening of constraints on local law enforcement and enable a cooperation between Federal and local law enforcement the country has not seen before.

3. Continue to support the NASA manned space flight program and the commercial space flight operations that are slated to be launched and recovered at our Ellington Airport/Spaceport.
Create good fiduciary incentives for businesses to capture local healthcare facilities/providers that can produce basic wellness programs for their employees.
The proper "Constitutional" responsibility/role is to promote the general welfare and that supports good public policy through legislation that decisively removes government regulations that restricts business growth, both domestically and for international coordination of each other's goods and services. Reduce and or eliminate corporate taxes that inhibit businesses from developing innovative processes that bring about efficiency, reduce overhead expenditures and increase profitability for its shareholders so they will carefully consider investing more into that successful business.
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Education/Degrees BS - Mechanical Engineering, Miami University
Professional Experience For the past decade, I have worked as an engineer and project manager in various capacities in the oil and gas industry. I have managed projects, led teams and I am currently working on a flagship, deepwater project in the Gulf of Mexico.
Community Involvement Board Member - Cardiff Ranch Property Owner's Association, Precinct Chair - Fort Bend County (2014-2016), Volunteer Coach - Katy Youth Soccer (2015-Present), Volunteer - Parkway Fellowship Church (2015-2016), Second Baptist Church (2017-Present)
Campaign Phone (281) 785-1820
Twitter @EricZmrhal
I believe the federal budget, healthcare and national security are 3 of the top 5 issues impacting the district. Federal budget: I would propose a constitutional amendment to ensure the budget is balanced. Security: I would pass legislation that ensures the DoD and DHS have a buy-in to the final appropriations instead of politicians dictating how departments should spend money. Additionally, I will work with other Texas representatives to ensure our airports and the Port of Houston obtain federal funding to ensure they have the staff, resources and equipment necessary to deter and detain any illicit trafficking in people, drugs, illegal weapons, etc. Healthcare: I believe the healthcare system should be reformed and my solution to this issue is answered in the next question. Our elected officials are disgracing their offices with their inability to pass legislation. In order to deter this, I would propose term limits on Senators (2 terms) and Representatives (6 terms).
People should have the choice to not purchase health insurance if they do not want it. The ACA should be replaced with a system that incentivizes quality of care instead of quantity of patients seen. I think a Medicare "look-a-like" that would merge Medicare and Medicaid by splitting the responsibility between the federal and state governments could be a good proposal. State governments would assume Medicaid’s cost for children and young adults while the federal government would be responsible for the cost for the elderly and disabled (i.e. long-term care). I would reform Medicare Part D to reduce drug costs, including a ban on pharmaceutical advertising. Additionally, any new law should focus on health care, not health insurance. We need to establish an incentive or performance-based system that rewards clinics, hospitals, doctors, hospital staff, etc. for quality of care and deter quantity of patients of seen as a method to increase income.
I believe we are finally on the right track with corporate tax reductions and incentivizing corporations to keep jobs in (or repatriate jobs/money back to) America, though we can do more to cut regulations that hamstring businesses. The government should pass immigration reform that would allow immigrants with STEM degrees or other highly skilled immigrants to legally stay/work in America, which will boost private sector spending and output while also increasing federal tax revenue. At a macro level, the government can continue with infrastructure projects. Overall, I believe the government should be committed to free enterprise and individual freedom, while cutting regulations and not spending money that provides no benefit. Simply put – stop overspending and borrowing and focus on stimulating private-sector growth to spur job creation.