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U.S. House, District 22

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    Sri Preston Kulkarni

  • John B. McElligot

  • Pete Olson

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    Kellen Sweny

Biographical Information

Identify what you think are the 2 most important issues that affect the people in your district and give specific examples of measurable actions you will take to address these issues.

What do you think are the most important issues in the current immigration policy debate and what would you propose as the way forward?

What role should Congress play in ensuring that the American healthcare system is accessible and affordable across all demographic groups?

What is the appropriate role of the Federal government in protecting the integrity of American elections?

What measurable actions will you take to communicate with and work for the people in your district?

What is your position on funding the Clear Creek Federal Flood Damage Reduction Project and do you believe that this project is important for Brazoria County and its residents?

Education B.A. University of Texas, Plan II Honors M.P.A. Harvard University, Kennedy School
Experience 14 Years as a Foreign Service Officer with tours in Iraq, Israel, Russia, Taiwan, and Jamaica. Foreign Policy and Defense advisor on Capitol Hill, assisting Sen. Gillibrand.
Community Key Club, Big Brother Big Sister, Texas Coalition of Black Democrats, Ft. Bend Tejanos, Pearland to Parkland co-founder, Rally for Our Children organizer
Phone (346) 291-4793
Twitter @SriPKulkarni
Hurricane Harvey devastated much of our community. We must increase emergency relief funding to help our neighbors should disaster strike, and also fight climate change to prevent such events in the future.

We must also support education at every level – we should invest in higher ed so that all students are able to graduate from a public university, college, or vocational school debt-free, provide adequate resources to all our public schools, and increase pay for our hardworking teachers.
America is, and has always been, a nation of immigrants – and our immigration policy must reflect that. While we must protect our border, we must also protect the children who have known only America for all their lives. We need to overhaul our migrant work, high-skilled labor, and student visas so that we continue to attract the best and brightest from around the world. And we must end this Administration’s inhumane policies that separate children from their parents.
When I was a teenager, my family nearly went bankrupt trying to pay for my dying father’s treatment (and we had health insurance). The simple fact is that no one should die in America because they cannot afford healthcare. Creating a universal healthcare system is not only the moral thing to do, it is the smart thing to do. We already pay for people without insurance – we just pay more. Getting everyone into our health care system will take care of our neighbors while bringing down costs.
Having fought Russian disinformation while serving as a Foreign Service Officer, I know just how critical it is to protect the integrity of our elections against foreign threats. But our democracy is also under threat at home. We must stop gerrymandering – politicians shouldn’t pick their voters, voters should pick their politicians. I take no money from corporate PACs because we must also fight the corrupting influence of special interest groups.
While not every constituent will have supported me, I promise to be answerable to every constituent. I will be transparent, accountable, and accessible to everyone. That starts with showing up. I have pledged to hold Town Halls at least quarterly, and plan to have more than that. Unlike the current incumbent, I will commit to debating future opponents – voters deserve to make an informed choice at the ballot box.
We need new infrastructure to prevent the kind of damage that occurred during Hurricane Harvey. But we must ensure that any project is innovative, cost-effective, and forward-thinking. I would also ensure that that the bidding process for the project is transparent and that contracts and jobs would go to local businesses whenever possible.
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Education Bachelor of Arts: Political Science and Spanish, Dual Major; Magna Cum Laude in Honor Studies; Texas Tech University; December 2009
Experience City of Houston, Bureau of Vital Statistics: Division Manager and Registrar, 2016-Present; Buc-ee's: Gift Manager, 2015-2016; The Home Depot: Assistant Manager, 2010-2015
Community Active Member at The Harvest United Methodist Church; Parent Coach at Shadow Creek Soccer Club; All contributions to the campaign are donated back to local non-profits
Phone (281) 643-7103
Twitter @KellenTX22
Education: Globally, the U.S. ranks 38th in math & 24th in science, yet spends the most per student. We must eliminate standardized tests in their current form, bring creativity back to classrooms, & allow teachers the freedom to address their students’ individual needs. Federal Budget: As national debt nears $21 trillion and the budget continues to run at a deficit, the CBO & OMB should be combined and reckless overspending ended. We must stop setting up future generations for economic failure.
Current immigration policy is ineffective. The failed strategies have fueled a rise of those living in the U.S. without legal status despite continually increased spending on enforcement. The way forward expands the visa work program and creates a path to legal status for those already here. Borders become more secure as smuggling and document fraud decrease and state and local communities benefit from a boost in economic activity, including $244 million in tax revenue from ‘Dreamers’ in 2018.
Congress should enact policies that address the unique health needs of everyone. Cultivating healthy, vibrant communities is not only financially and socially valuable, it’s a moral imperative. The system must offer choice, cover pre-existing conditions, and provide a safety net to support the marginalized. It must be financially accessible by individuals, small businesses, and large corporations alike, and there should never be a question of choosing between health or affording the care needed.
The Federal government must take the lead in protecting the integrity of elections. Voter turnout is at all-time lows; unchecked foreign interference will only further undermine the nation’s trust and participation. Rather than assign blame and work in silos, all responsible parties—the intelligence community, corporations, and all three branches—must come together to safeguard democracy. The Federal government should ensure equitable access to the polls and make Election Day a national holiday.
Frequent, transparent communication is imperative. I will hold a minimum of four town halls in the district each year with reasonable accommodations and ample room. The events will be available live on social media, free, open to the general public and press, and announced at least one week in advance. All town halls will provide at least 30 minutes for open, unscreened questions. I will also continue to volunteer at least once a month at a local non-profit, chosen by residents of the district.
I wholly support fully funding the Clear Creek Federal Flood Damage Reduction Project. It is projected to save $20 million a year in reduced damages and is vital to the livelihood of Brazoria County and its residents. However, inefficiency and inaction have stalled this project that was originally identified in 1962. Addressing this urgent need is long overdue, as slow progress has plagued each phase. Funding and a clear timeline must be secured to mitigate future flooding events.