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U.S. House, District 7

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    John Culberson (Rep) Attorney; member, U.S. House of Representatives

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    Edward Ziegler (Rep) Oil and Gas Operator and Consultant

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Identify what you think are the three most important issues directly affecting the people in your district and explain how you will address these issues,if elected?

What do you think should be done to help those who don’t receive employer-sponsored health insurance and cannot afford insurance through other currently available options?

What do you think is the appropriate role of the federal government in fostering a positive environment for job creation in the United States?

Education/Degrees graduated from Lamar High School, Houston, Tex., 1975 B.A., Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Tex., 1981; J.D., South Texas College of Law, Houston, Tex.
Professional Experience Attorney; member of the Texas state house of representatives, 1986-2001; Member of U.S. House of Representatives, 2001-present
Community Involvement member, Memorial Drive United Methodist Church
Campaign Phone (281) 304-0093
Twitter @johnculberson
1) Continuing to work across the political aisle to make sure those areas in Southeast Texas that have experienced significant flooding damage get the funding and relief help they need to rebuild. I am committed to working with state and local officials to improve and modernize Houston’s flood infrastructure to help prevent future flooding disasters. 2) As chairman of the Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, and Science, I have worked to ensure that NASA now receives more money than at any time since its creation, in an effort to not only return NASA to the glory days of Apollo, but also ensure jobs and economic growth for the Houston region. This will always be a key priority for me. 3) I will continue to be a zealous advocate for increasing national investment in medical and scientific research, because breakthroughs in these areas are vital to the economic and technological challenges we face in the 21st century.
Primarily, we need to provide for an increase in competition in the marketplace, which will drive down costs and allow people more control over their health care. We should also allow small businesses and individuals to enter into "association coverage" that allows groups to negotiate lower rates and better protections than if they were forced to get their health insurance on the individual market. I applaud the administration for starting this process and I will work hard to support this effort in Congress.. We should encourage the use of Health Savings Accounts, which make it easier for families to save money to pay for health care costs.
I have always believed that the best way to unleash American business is with lower taxes, less regulation, and United States energy independence. We have already passed a historic tax bill that lowers every individual tax rate to ensure Americans are able to keep more of their hard earned money and lowers the corporate tax rate to allow U.S. companies to compete globally. Economic indicators have been positive, in part due to our aggressive efforts to reduce unnecessary regulations that were making it difficult for small businesses to compete.
Education/Degrees B.S. Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Penn State); J.D., South Texas College of Law
Professional Experience Veteran (Air and Army National Guard for six years (Honorable Discharge 1978)), Marathon Oil Company, Home Petroleum Company, owner of a welding/fabrication business, consulting, professional engineer, own oil company and drilling rig currently
Community Involvement Promote student and engineering internships, Houston Grand Opera, Houston Symphony, BARK, support other charities
Campaign Phone (713) 439-1199
Twitter @zieglerTXCD7
1) First, District 7 (where I live) is repeatedly experiencing catastrophic flooding. Action has not been taken to address this problem. Flood prevention measures must be implemented, rather than exclusively focusing on flood recovery. Congress has been ineffective as it has provided only 25% of needed funds for Hurricane Harvey Recovery. If elected, I will focus on solutions to prevent future flooding and make certain my District has the financial support to fully recover from floods. 2) Second, the tax plan recently passed is not the overhaul that we need. The tax system changed slightly, but it will not substantially help families and workers. If elected, I will help improve the tax system by simplifying it, making certain that taxes are lowered for individuals and families, and ensuring that federal spending is controlled. 3) Third, Congress failed us on healthcare reform last year. In small concise steps, high-quality health care must be made less costly and available to everyone.
Moving forward, lower taxes for businesses will allow employers to provide health care as an employee benefit; those plans worked many years ago. For individuals that still do not have access to employer-sponsored health insurance, affordable, high-quality plans must be established. The plans must cover all preexisting conditions, they should not include lifetime maximum coverage limitations, any research-proven technology and/or medication that improves medical care and the quality of life should be covered. Women's, children's, and family healthcare can be covered by insurance without traveling into controversial topics.
The appropriate government role in fostering job creation is cutting taxes and cutting regulations. The recent tax bill has initiated the process, but a simplified system is needed. Even though many regulations were reformed or removed during the first year of the Trump administration, it will take a new Congress, hard work, and dedication to truly reform and decrease regulations. Encouraging oil and gas production, and exporting more oil, keeps every $60-a-barrel revenues here in our economy. This money can be saved, donated, or spent on cars, clothing, and at restaurants (instead of sending that money to other countries). These funds will create jobs and invigorate the economy. Emphasis on the economy and jobs must include making businesses more profitable. At the same time, worker and family incomes must increase, while still lowering and simplifying all tax structures. Congress has failed on these issues and the next Congress must take action and with new leaders in Congress.