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A Precinct Chair is the local representative of the political party at the neighborhood, grass-roots level. The primary job of a Precinct Chair is to increase voters for that party by contacting neighbors, distributing literature and working with other Precinct Chairs. Precinct Chairs can be Election Judges or Alternate Judges but they are not required to be.Precinct Chairs are also members of the Executive Committee of their county party. The Executive Committee meets periodically and is responsible for reviewing and approving party activities and filling vacant Precinct Chair positionsAny registered voter can become the Precinct Chair in the voting precinct where they live. A person can be elected in the party Primary, or chosen to fill an open spot by the County Executive Committee. Precinct Chairs serve a 2 year term without compensation.
  • Davin Bernstein (Rep)

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    Christi Greene (Rep) Real Estate Agent

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INVOLVEMENT: Describe how you have been involved in the political process in the last 2 years?

VISION: If elected, what would you most like to accomplish during the next term?

OUTREACH: What steps would you take to increase outreach to voters in your precinct?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe are most pressing in your precinct, and how would you address them?

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Age 48
Education B.S. Texas A&M University M.S. Texas A&M University
Campaign Phone (214) 906-2215
Twitter @christigreene
I have been a member of the Government Affairs Committee in the MetroTex Association of Realtors and The Coppell Chamber of Commerce for many years. I am an active participant in both committees and attend many local updates. I have also been involved in several local political campaigns over the last 9 years.
If elected, I will spend time in the community educating and encouraging families in my precinct to vote. I would truly like to increase the number of voters in our area; especially in our local elections.
I will ask friends and neighbors to open their homes so that we can educate each other about our candidates and the importance of getting out to vote. I also have a group of people who are ready to walk the neighborhood and talk with people about voting and candidates. Social media is also a great communication tool in our town which will be utilized. Every voice matters and every vote matters -- and I think we forget that at time. I will continue to talk with friends and neighbors about the importance of each vote.
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