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Precinct Chair 2804

A Precinct Chair is the local representative of the political party at the neighborhood, grass-roots level. The primary job of a Precinct Chair is to increase voters for that party by contacting neighbors, distributing literature and working with other Precinct Chairs. Precinct Chairs can be Election Judges or Alternate Judges but they are not required to be.Precinct Chairs are also members of the Executive Committee of their county party. The Executive Committee meets periodically and is responsible for reviewing and approving party activities and filling vacant Precinct Chair positionsAny registered voter can become the Precinct Chair in the voting precinct where they live. A person can be elected in the party Primary, or chosen to fill an open spot by the County Executive Committee. Precinct Chairs serve a 2 year term without compensation.
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    Kim G Mobley (Rep) Pro Public Education Advocate, Volunteer, and Homemaker

  • Mike Wilcox (Rep)

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INVOLVEMENT: Describe how you have been involved in the political process in the last 2 years?

VISION: If elected, what would you most like to accomplish during the next term?

OUTREACH: What steps would you take to increase outreach to voters in your precinct?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe are most pressing in your precinct, and how would you address them?

Age 54
Education TWU Bachelor of Science Interdisciplinary Studies, Specialization Life/Earth Science
Campaign Phone (214) 675-9012
Twitter @Mobleykg
Being a Registered Republican since 1981, I have been involved with voting and educating friends for a very long time. More recently I have been actively involved in the political process, locally, statewide, and nationally for the past several years getting my friends and neighbors out to vote, either by making phone calls, using social media, hosting and attending neighborhood meetings, or working the polls. It has been a pleasure to get to meet Republican candidates, State and National Congressmen and Presidents over the years, and I look forward to continue educating the voters in my precinct.
As Precinct Chair, keeping voters engaged and informed in a positive constructive manner would be a top priority for me. I would also like to increase the voting percentage in my precinct. I think the nasty negative and untrue campaigning turns voters off and keeps them from getting involved or even voting. Educating the public on local, state and national republican campaigns and candidates will also be another one of my priorities. Voter apathy is a huge problem with voters now, and I want to help educate the voters of my precinct that Every Vote Counts and they need to exercise their right to vote in every and all elections.
As a 28 year resident and former middle school educator in Coppell, a tireless volunteer with the Coppell Education Foundation, various PTO's, DEIC, and several City of Coppell Vision committees over the years, I will continue to reach out to the voters in my precinct by emailing, walking the precinct, using the different social media platforms, all in a positive manner, so not to intimidate or turn off voters. Having precinct members as block captains to help get their neighbors out to vote in all elections is part of my vision as Precinct Chair.

As one that likes to get involved and tries to solve problems, I believe getting the message out to the voters in my precinct and city about the Republican message is of extreme importance. It is the duty of the precinct chair to give positive and factual information to the voters so they can make an informed decision about candidates . I also believe supporting and electing Pro Public Education candidates is a great priority. The voters in my precinct and Coppell deserve credible and levelheaded representation, and that is what I will bring to Precinct 2804.

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