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Dallas County Political Party Chair

County chairs lead party political activities within the county; work with candidates, precinct chairs and staff; conduct primary elections and certify results, and build a network of volunteers and precinct chairs.
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    Chris Hamilton (Dem) Attorney

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    Carol Donovan (Dem) Attorney

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VISION: If elected, what would you most like to accomplish during the next 2 years?

HISPANIC TURNOUT: Despite their growing numbers, Hispanic voter turnout has remained low. What strategies would you use to attract Hispanic voters to your party?

FUNDRAISING: Political campaigns cost money. What fundraising ideas do you plan to implement to help your party compete?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing for this office and how will you address them?

Age 38
Education Chris Hamilton is a graduate of Texas Christian University and University of Texas School of Law.
Campaign Phone (214) 451-3400
It's time for a more inclusive, diverse, and effective Democratic Party. We must begin by increasing visibility in minority communities, rebuilding the Democratic Party's relationship with labor and establishing it as the party of working people. We can begin re-establishing relationships with leading Democratic donors who have been alienated by the current party leadership. We will work to establish outreach on a national scale to educate donors across the US regarding the potential and importance of Dallas County and the state of Texas in the National political picture. We can also improve the Party's use of technology and social media to engage voters. There is a lot of work that needs to be done, but that is an opportunity for growth.
I firmly believe that the Latino vote is going to help make the difference in 2018. I have plans to utilize our resources and create opportunities for stronger Latino community engagement. Robust grassroots efforts to reach Hispanic residents in under-served communities will begin a dialogue. We will extend an invitation for discussions and actions about diversity and inclusivity, as well as issues that affect Hispanic communities, including wage disparity, gentrification, immigration and the impact of Trump legislation. I am fully committed to the work it will take to empower Latino voters in Dallas County and recognize the need for their strong voice in the future of the Democratic Party, as members, staffers, and in elected office.
Strong fundraising is at the core of my plans for the DCDP. I have a long history of supporting democratic and progressive causes as a fundraiser and a donor. I have worked to help elect and protect Democrats throughout Texas and the country and have fundraised in conjunction with the DNC and DCCC. We will re-establish relationships with leading Democratic donors who have been alienated by the current party leadership. In doing so, we will educate donors regarding why investment in the party will create the highest return on investment for their dollars. We must execute our plan to win additional seats to prove to donors that additional investment will lead to better results as opposed to the same outcome every election.
The office headquarters needs to be relocated, and we need to establish at least one satellite office to make the party more visible and accessible in the community where base voters reside. The Coordinated Campaign should be expanded to include state legislature races and US Congressional races to challenge seats held by the GOP. It's essential that we raise visibility in minority communities, rebuild the Democratic Party relationship with labor and establish it as the party of working people. We should increase the diversity of office staff and provide a living wage with health benefits to all full-time employees. We can also improve the Party's use of technology and social media to engage voters, as well as through year-round outreach.
Education Texas Tech School of Law, Doctorate of Jurisprudence 1980.UT Austin, B.S., Bilingual Education 1977.
Campaign Phone (214) 823-1400
I'm proud of the accomplishments we've made since I became Chair just over the last two and a half years ago. Since taking office, we've had more outreach, more fundraising, more trainings, and more Democratic successes. Over the next two years, I want to build on the progress we've made.

Dallas County has been voting Democratic for over ten years now, but my goal is to make it bluer! In 2016, we became the most competitive we've ever been in House District and the Court of Appeals races. In 2018, my plan is double down and take our message directly to the voters in every corner of the county on why voting Democratic is critical in the fight for the soul of our nation.
This has been a major priority of mine as Chair. In 2016, I partnered with local activists to create voter guides for our community, including Spanish translation. Secondly, our coordinated campaign used a countywide strategy. We utilized our diverse slate of candidates and clubs to knock on doors in every corner.

In 2018, my plan will be will be the same principle: Ask for their vote. We will use our coordinated campaign to reach out and speak to every community about why not only voting is important, but voting straight Democratic is critical.
Since taking office, we have raised over $850,000 together. This is great, but we cannot stop here. Moving forward, I would like to continue to incorporate new fundraising streams while building our core ones. Our sustaining membership program is critical in keeping the doors of the Party open and represents our Party's constituents. Secondly, I will create a new Fundraising Committee to cast a wider net.

The Dallas County Democratic Party had over 1800 contributions in 2017 -- both big and small. It is important to have local money fund our local Party. We are fighters of the community and together we'll continue to fund our Party and be the Party of the people.
We are in the fight for the soul of our nation. It is important for our Party to turn out the Democratic vote in 2018 and win. We must focus on defending our countywide seats, such as sheriff and judges, while also mobilizing to win state government seats. We'll win by campaigning door to door, and continue our outreach programs, like helping Meals on Wheels, Paul Quinn's We Over Me Farm, Habitat for Humanity, and more.

I'm asking for you to stand with me for the changes we seek in our government. I'm asking for you stand with me to elect Democrats who will fight for the shared ideas we believe in: a fair wage, affordable healthcare, and equal access to the American Dream.