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Dallas County Constable, Pct 5

4 year term. Must be 18 years or older, a US citizen, resident of Texas and a resident of the district represented. Responsible for serving warrants and serving as bailiff in the Justice of the Peace courts.
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    Jeff Bryan (Dem) Honorably Retired Fort Worth Police Officer

  • Rolando Garcia (Dem)

  • Susan E Lopez-Craig (Dem)

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    Beth Villarreal (Dem) Constable

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    Michael Orozco (Dem) Law Enforcement

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Biographical Information

BACKGROUND: What in your background makes you qualified to handle the challenges of the Constable role?

PROCEDURES: What changes, if any, are needed in the procedures used by Dallas County Constables?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing for the county Constables and how would you address them?

Age 65
Education High School 20+ credits Criminal Justice Degree Master Peace Officer Certificate Inservice Training
Campaign Phone (817) 925-3187
Twitter @votejeffbryan
A twenty year Dallas resident. I continue feeling inspired by giving back to my community. Honor, integrity, good character, and the importance of teamwork are values and characteristics of good citizenship. Early in life law enforcement opportunities have provided me the ability to motivate and encourage others. An honorably retired veteran of Fort Worth Police Department with extensive experience in project management and finance. I also bring Admin supervision, implementation of general policies, non-profit development, and public speaking skills to my office. I have a personal passion for law enforcement and working cohesively with citizens to positively impact the community. Nominated and served on Dallas Civil Service Board for 6 yrs
The service of Civil Papers from Justice of the Peace office is inherently slow and ineffective. I plan to spearhead a computer program that monitors the civil process, service of papers, and tracks completion times. Reorganize policies and procedures, referred to as General Orders. Oversee rules and regulations that all personnel must follow in carrying out the mission of the department. I will provide in-service training for all officers. I will redesign the Officer Reserve program to mimic paid staff. I will strengthen the officer application for hire. I bring mgmt. skills that will promote my office into the finest precinct. lt will be my priority to treat existing staff, new hires, and citizens with respect, dignity, and without bias.
Work to reduce domestic violence with community meetings and responding to citizens needs. I will initiate a free women's self-defense class. I will reestablish complete transparency in the office with an open door policy. Bureaucracy will stop at my desk. All calls and questions will be answered. I will assign officers to elementary and middle schools talking about staying in school, safety concerns, & bullying. I will bring Integrity, Respect, and Trust back to the constable's office. The constable's duty is no longer an 8-5 desk job. I will be working in the community speaking about security and safety concerns. I lead by example and possess strong leadership skills while being a "Family First" administrator with a proactive dept.
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Age 46
Education College
Campaign Phone (972) 750-0084
Since my Election in 2010, my staff and I have spent the last 7 ½ years undoing 14 years of mishandling of this office and continue to improve the daily operations of this office. We have not only improved the quality and service of civil process, but have also developed collaborating partnerships with other elected officials to ensure the community is served with the highest level of integrity it deserves. In addition to my daily responsibilities as Constable, I remain steadfast in managing and budgeting an average budget of 1.4 million dollars of tax payer’s money. In order to ensure accountability is always at the forefront of my responsibility.
Since my tenure, we have strived to create and implement programs and systems that would allow plaintiffs to instantly and electronically check the status of their cases from any location. Transparency, accountability and an open-door policy has and will remain a priority of this office. These changes would not only serve to give accountability, but would improve positive relationship between this office and members of its communities.
Because the Constables offices receive a combined total of thousands of court papers each month which require service, many of which are transferred internally to its perspective precincts, implementing a program that would allow all Constables offices to interact with one another electronically would give real time updates and allow the tracking of its execution status for the purpose of informing clients, plaintiffs and courts.
Age 44
Education B.S. Business Management; Master Peace Officer's License; Associates Degree; Woodrow Wilson H.S.
Campaign Phone (214) 236-0463
You Tube
As a 19 year veteran of the Constable's Office's in Dallas County, I have gained tremendous insight and first hand knowledge on what the day-to-day operations should be of a truly functional Constable's Office. I am the only candidate in this race that has worked in every division of the constable's offices. There is also no other candidate in this race currently, that has the tenured Constable's experience that is equal to my own that can professionally handle and implement those responsibilities. In addition to my in business management, it is about time that the voters of Precinct 5 will elect a constable that can properly articulate the duties of the office they serve, and that requires no on the job training.

The three basic elements for positive changes in this constable's office are efficiency, productivity, and accountability. The elected constable must take the lead in promoting and formulating efficient procedures/policies. This also includes, but is not limited to, establishing a realistic working standard/model of productivity for field deputies that they can properly fulfill, and that coincides with current Dallas County management formulas already in place. By implementing my productivity models in accordance with current manpower policies, I will be able to show marked increases in performance, that will bring a net result of hiring additional deputies. Additional uniformed deputies will greatly reduce further criminal activity.
It is important that the revolving door of command staff, and personnel be halted. As your elected constable, it is important to surround yourself with a tenured, experienced, and capable command staff personnel. It is also imperative that the elected constable have an effective and professional working relationship with both JP Courts and other Dallas County departments. The current ineffective, weak, and unprofessional relationship with the Dallas County Commissioner's Court, especially with Precinct 5 county commissioners is strained, and will no longer be tolerated. I will establish a professional liaison with my commissioner and entire Court. Deputy's will also be recognized and acknowledged for their hard work and due diligence.