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Dallas County Constable, Pct 4

4 year term. Must be 18 years or older, a US citizen, resident of Texas and a resident of the district represented. Responsible for serving warrants and serving as bailiff in the Justice of the Peace courts.
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    Edward Wright (Dem) Current Deputy Sheriff

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    Sha Steiger Knight (Dem) Lieutenant, Dallas Constable Precinct 1

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BACKGROUND: What in your background makes you qualified to handle the challenges of the Constable role?

PROCEDURES: What changes, if any, are needed in the procedures used by Dallas County Constables?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing for the county Constables and how would you address them?

Education Highschool Graduate 2 years of college
Campaign Phone (972) 975-7516
29 years of sevice in Law Enforcement and all the levels of traning from traning officer to youth Guidance instructor and my strong community roots.
Precinct 4 has been very fortunate to have Constable Roy Willimas Jr, as Constable over the past 7 year . I look to continue with that momentum and adding to it making sure that Precinct 4 stand ready as first reponders if needed bringing my level of traning as a tactical officer from the Dallas Sheriff Department and my understanding of commuinty.
With emergencies on the rise as it relate to the need for first responders I will work hard to make sure the if call on all deputy constable will be ready in roll as first responders ,coordinate with local law enforcement realizing all threats to our community.

With regard to eviction which are handle by the constable. I will make sure all deputy constable treat each person with respect and realizing the need when families are displayed . I will make sure my deputy constable are equip with infomation that address the needs of schools and option for prarents. Because in some cases that family become homeless resources need to be immediate and if not could lead to other problem such as truancy and other juvenile delinquency problems..
Age 40
Education 1995 Graduate of J. F. Kimball Cedar Valley Law Enforcement Academy Studied Criminal Justice @ DCCCD
Campaign Phone (469) 212-4605
With the 14 years of employment I have with the Constable's office at Precinct 1, I have the knowledge of both the clerical and deputy areas of the office. I began my career at the Constable's office as a clerk. While in this position, I enrolled into the Cedar Valley Law Enforcement Academy, graduating in January 2005. In April 2005, I was afforded the opportunity to become a Deputy Constable within the same office. I have worked in the Civil, Warrant, Truancy, Bailiff and Writ divisions. Currently I supervise the Training division and daily operations of the deputies. My passion, commitment, accountability, knowledge, proven leadership and management skills, equip me to handle the challenges of the Constable's role.
The procedures used by Dallas County Constables shouldn't be changed. I will, however, as the Constable of Precinct 4 educate the community of the procedures utilized and the importance of the office.
The issues of training and community inclusion are pressing for the Constable's office. Under my leadership, training for both deputy and clerical staffs will become priority. The law enforcement community is always changing and training is a vital key to educating and ensuring qualified employees continue to represent Constable Precinct 4. I will also address the issue of the diversity of Precinct 4 by implementing programs focused on Emotional Intelligence and relational importance. I believe in building effective working relationships, first within the Constable's office then the Precinct 4 community.