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Dallas County JP, Pct 5, No 2

4 year term. Must be 18 years or older, a US citizen, a resident of Texas and a resident of the district represented. Does not need to be a lawyer. Responsible for civil cases and criminal misdemeanor cases punishable by fine only.
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    Andrew 'Bundy' Goldsmith (Dem) Real Estate Broker/Retired Community Liaison DISD

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    Juan Jasso (Dem) Justice of the Peace

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ACCESSIBILITY: The JP Courts are often referred to as “The People’s Courts.” What measures do you support to make the JP courts more accessible to the people

EVICTIONS: Is there a need to make JP court more equitable in the eviction process and, if so, how could this be accomplished?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing for JP courts and how would you address them?

Age 62
Education UT Dallas BA in General Studies Lifetime Texas Teacher Certification in Psychology and Sociology
Campaign Phone (214) 683-0787
(a)Night Courts, for truancy cases and working people in the community. Community members with business to take care of should not have to miss work and students with too many absences already can't afford to miss any more school. (b)Resource Clearinghouse, for community members in need of information for case management and social assistance by a social worker. (c)Free Weddings, as Justice of the Peace I will perform weddings at no charge. Instead of paying me a fee, I recommend newlyweds make a donation towards local nonprofits such as the Genesis Shelter for victims of domestic violence, Dallas CASA, Union Gospel Mission, S.P.C.A. and Resource Center.What a better way to start off a nurturing relationship? (d)Open during lunch hour 12-1
Yes, there is a need for JP courts to make the eviction process more equitable towards the tenant. First of all, I believe changes should be brought before the Texas legislature. Current laws are too black and white and too structurally rigid. I believe the tenant’s life circumstances should determine how a JP court rules on an eviction case.
Currently, I believe the pressing issue for JP courts involves filing. Right now, Dallas County has an electronic filing system for filing cases. I would like to use a similar electronic filing system for Justice of Peace courts but at the same time, also use in-person filing for the people to ensure accessibility.

Age 60
Education Pan American University(B.A. Government 1980) University of Houston School of Law (J.D. 1986
Campaign Phone (214) 941-0944
Twitter @judgejuanjasso
I have an open door policy that allows people to come in to discuss any concerns they may have to determine whether or not to file a case. We have also experimented with having Saturday court for those that can't take time off from work to attend court. We are currently exploring the possibility of evening court as well. Our clerks are cross-trained so that they can properly assist the public. The ability to have bilingual staff is essential since about 25-33% of the people that file in our court do not speak English. Court proceedings can also be conducted in Spanish if all participants speak Spanish.
The state legislature promulgates laws that impact JP courts and the ability to allow the courts to be more equitable. I have found over the years that as long as tenants and landlords are given the opportunity to have their say they tend to leave with a sense that they were given the opportunity to be heard, regardless of the outcome. Recent Repair and Remedy legislation has also benefited tenants who have issues with habitability of their home.
Proper staffing of courts is imperative to insure that the public is being served in a timely manner. Since that is within the purview of the Commissioners Court I would work with them to address each court being given the adequate resources to continue serving our community.