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Dallas County JP, Pct 4, No 1

4 year term. Must be 18 years or older, a US citizen, a resident of Texas and a resident of the district represented. Does not need to be a lawyer. Responsible for civil cases and criminal misdemeanor cases punishable by fine only.
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    Mike Jones (Dem) Commercial Real Estate Broker / College Professor

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    Norris 'Stretch' Rideaux (Dem) Justice of the Peace, 4-1

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ACCESSIBILITY: The JP Courts are often referred to as “The People’s Courts.” What measures do you support to make the JP courts more accessible to the people

EVICTIONS: Is there a need to make JP court more equitable in the eviction process and, if so, how could this be accomplished?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing for JP courts and how would you address them?

Age 34
Education Master in Public Administration Bachelor in Applied Arts and Sciences Associates in Criminal Justice
Campaign Phone (214) 228-2157
To make the JP courts more accessible I am proposing an online electronic docket system to allow individuals to see the current case load as well schedule other court services via online to avoid wait times.
Yes. I would most definitely utilize technology and mobilization to provide alerts and reminders via email / text notification (in addition to current law required notifications) to ensure all parties are notified fairly.
There are numerous complaints of bias and cases not being heard fairly. I promise to be unbiased in all my rulings and will hear each case fairly.
Age 64
Education B. S. of Criminal Justice, M.A. of Criminal Justice, 7 years of JP training
Campaign Phone (972) 642-6226
I support having night court and at times Saturday court. This will allow adults to attend court after work hours and alleged truant conduct students to attend a full day of school. The accessibility must be in concert with the Constable’s office. The Constable’s office provides security for the Judge, court participants, and the building.

JP’s interpret and apply the law and is independent of the Legislative Branch of Government who makes the law. If you are a landlord/property owner the eviction laws appear to favor the tenant. When tenants violate their lease agreement the owner has to spend money on legal fees for filing evictions and writs. Additionally, they have to comply with a number of legal steps to reclaim their property. A more equitable system will have to be made by the Legislature.

Ninety percent of Texans have their only court contact in JP or municipal courts. Thus, leaving ten percent of Texans in other courts. I am not advocating sharing or reducing the workload, but the salary commensurate the workload.