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Texas House, District 105

2 year term. Must be 21 or older, a US citizen, resident of Texas and the district represented. Responsible for representing the citizens of the district in the Texas House of Representatives.
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    Rodney Anderson (Rep) Title Insurance Executive

  • Dinesh Mali (Rep) Engineering consulatant

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EDUCATION: What changes, if any, should be made to public education and its funding in Texas?

RAINY DAY FUND: What uses are appropriate, in your opinion, for the Rainy Day fund?

LOCAL CONTROL: Are you in favor or opposed to additional restrictions on cities’ ability to raise property taxes? If in favor, how would you implement? Last session saw restrictions placed on cities’ ability to regulate fracking, gun sales, etc. Are you in favor of these restrictions and would you favor additional restrictions?

HIGHWAY FUNDS: How would you address the growing need for funding for highway maintenance and construction? What is your position on allowing tolled lanes to reduce congestion on crowded highways?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the next session of the Texas Legislature and what is your position on these issues?

Age 49
Education B.B.A. - Real Estate University of Texas at Arl
Campaign Phone (214) 679-4106
Twitter @rodneyanderson
Education spending is the largest single item in the Texas budget and I strongly support keeping education spending as the largest investment of taxpayer dollars. As a father with three children who have all attend(ed) public schools in Grand Prairie, I am invested in the success of our school systems. That is why I have been an advocate for removing unfunded mandates, including the reduction of standardized testing, so our teachers can focus on the growth of our students to make them college or workforce ready. However, I also believe our students and families are best served when their school districts are ensuring the dollars they receive are reaching the classrooms and our teachers rather than being spent on Administration.
The Economic Stabilization Fund as it is properly called is the savings account of the State of Texas. It is the envy of every other state in the union, and I believe we should only use this fund in cases of extreme need such as in 2013 when the legislature voted to use $2.3BB of the fund to create the State Water Implementation Fund (SWIFT) for long term water planning during the drought. That is an example of an investment of taxpayer money that has helped start the fix for the long term water needs of this state. Those are the types of investments where I would approve of utilizing the Economic Stabilization Fund.
Even under the proposals during the 85th session, local jurisdictions would still have been able to manage their tax rates just like they have for decades. The "rollback" provision that was discussed would have simply given the local taxpayer a vote to authorize any tax increase above 5% instead of 8%. Further, I am in favor of continuing to protect the private property rights and constitutional rights of property owners and citizens from overzealous local government regulation. I will ere on the side of the taxpayer and the citizens of this state.
Recent legislative changes have added roughly $4BB annually to the TXDOT budget. These amounts will continue to grow over the coming years IF the legislature doesn’t access the funds for other, non-transportation needs. My assessment is “the jury is still out” and we must continue to monitor the additional revenues generated by these two significant legislative changes. I agree with Governor Abbott who has been very vocal about reducing reliance on toll-roads. The two voter approved Constitutional Amendments will add significant revenue streams for TXDOT over time to improve and maintain our bridges, highways, and transportation for Texas families and businesses. For now, we need to see how this progresses and then adjust if needed.
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Age 72
Education BSME Univ. Of MO,1969 MSME Washington Univ., St. Louis MO 1975 Professional Engineer MO 1975
Campaign Phone (469) 585-2888
I like to revisit "no child left behind" theory. I like to introduce with holding student to same grade if they do not master the material they suppose to know. I like parent to be responsible for their children education, take interest in home work, school activities and shape their future. I like parent to look around, take survey and notice what kind of jobs available and prepare their kids. ISD will teach for future but parent shall develop kids future. Education is necessary to break poverty cycle. Parent are best teacher to motivate kids.

Funding for school is primarily from property taxes and allocations. You can tax only so much on property. Allocation is also limited to what is collected in taxes etc.
Rainy day funding is for unexpected circumstances. If justify then shall be used.Each ISD needing rainy day funds to justify their need .THe criteria set to create fund must be mat.
Yes. Local community are best to gauge the need and approve necessary restriction. How ever state mandates has to taken in account.Local community has to voice their opinion to state for state wide issues.

Appraisals of homes are higher thus local community will get more money. Raising property tax is not good idea.No. fracking issue should be local issue. The location is key for local community to accept or reject.
I like TXdot to create a "think tank " committee and outline all the needs for several years. Get ahead of the curve. State may not have all the funds and may think of toll road or manage lanes funding from private entities. I would strongly urge toll authorities to synchronize service roads signal lights such it moves traffic as fast as toll road. Concept of toll road is "user pay to use" Some people can not afford and they shall not be penalized for slow moving traffic on service road. There shall be sunset date when toll road becomes freeway.

Red light camera should be removed. It collects revenue for city but it does not reduce any work load to police department. To prosecute violators, police has to review and validate tickets and it takes time. Police department might as well issue citation on street and let it stick.

Family bath rooms are available for children, handicapped persons. Why not this family bathroom to be part of consideration with "bathroom " bill.

Even though it is federal issue but DACA dreamers came with parent and leave with parent.You should mot break the family bond just because you do know only this country. Some one said if you go to Disney land with parent ilegally and got caught can childrn stay in park if parent are expelled.