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Dallas County Sheriff (unexpired term )

4 year term. Must be 18 years or older, a US citizen, a resident of Texas and a resident of the county. Responsible for law enforcement in the county and operation of the county jail.
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    Aaron Meek (Rep) Small Business Owner

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    Chad Prda (Rep) Detective

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BACKGROUND: How does your work experience equip you to be able to run the nation’s 7th largest jail? Please be specific.

JAIL STAFFING & MORALE: What steps would you support to improve staffing levels and morale at the County Jail? How would you support those changes?

MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES: How would you insure that inmates receive proper mental health support while in jail?

IMMIGRATION: How do you view the Sheriff office’s responsibility regarding Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with respect to non-citizens in the Dallas County system?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be the most pressing for the county Sheriff and how would you address them?

Age 40
Education Desoto Christian Academy DCSO Jailer's Academy DCSO Deputy's Academy Master Peace Officer's License
Campaign Phone (214) 770-1376
Twitter @meek4sheriff
For the last almost 17 years, I served the citizens of Dallas County as a Detention Services Officer, as well as a Licensed Peace Officer and Deputy Sheriff. I am the only candidate with broad, hands-on leadership experience in multiple divisions of the office, and quality relationships with leaders in the office. I believe my combination of experience and communication ability makes me a unique candidate. I am also a member of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Association, as well as a member of the Dallas County Chapter of the National Latino Peace Officer Association. My memberships in these organizations have allowed me to stay up to date on policing trends as well as what is happening in our Dallas community.
As Sheriff I will have an open door policy and will meet with employees to hear their concerns. As a longtime member of the Sheriff's office, I know the hardships we have had to face in many areas including but not limited to not receiving our Step Pay. This is an area I will be looking into should I be elected. I will also have the Command Staff start assessing each division and seeing what their needs are. Also, I know being on the floor and out in the field with my deputies and jailers is important to show that I am there for them and understand what is going on in the day to day operations, so I will be sure to make time for this important part of the job. When people feel valued, they are better able to serve their community.
Mental health is an issue that affects people in all walks of life in Texas, and that is especially true for Dallas County. That is why I believe that the Sheriff’s office must be a leader on this issue. Should I be elected, I would look to work with other offices, such as the District Attorney’s office, as well as the many outstanding organizations like the Meadows Institute to implement strategies to deal with our jail population that suffers from mental health issues. I would also push for more training for officers in the mental health field so they have the ability to assess what facility would meet the needs of the person they are in contact with, not simply bringing them in to be processed.
As a law enforcement professional that has previously sworn an oath to uphold the laws of our state and nation, as well as someone running for Dallas County Sheriff, I believe that accountability under the rule of law is critical to the success of our Democracy. With the legislature having passed laws addressing this issue during the previous session, these are now among those we are to uphold. I also believe in working to keep our citizens secure, and this means putting an end to giving sanctuary to criminals who have immigrated here illegally. Should I be elected, I would work to ensure that the office complies with ICE. While I do not believe officers should abuse any of the powers they have, we have a duty to keep our citizens secure.
We must get our office back into the community. Among our other responsibilities, our office can and will positively impact our communities across Dallas if we are interacting on a local level. Among my other top priorities should I be elected include putting patrol back in the unincorporated areas of Dallas County, decreasing the time spent in intake booking in prisoners, and having a more visible presence in the cities and communities of Dallas County. In addition I would like to take on the issue of mental health in Dallas County, and I would look to partner with the various mental health organizations across our county to assist in tackling this critical issue facing Dallas County and Texas.

Age 36
Education High School Advanced Peace Officer Certification 3599 hours of continuing education
Campaign Phone (972) 836-7732
Twitter @prda4sheriff
In my 15 years with the department, I have worked in community relations, housing and enforcement sections. I was placed in leadership and training roles and duties. This has given me a unique insight that no other candidate has on the inter-workings of the department. There is no other candidate with my experience withing the Dallas County Sheriff's Department. This has given me extensive and working knowledge of the laws and regulations regarding housing inmates and their care, custody and control. Utilizing my experience with the department, I will be able to increase officer safety, decrease overall costs to the citizens, while increasing efficiency and ensuring inmate rights are protected while in our care, custody and control.
Once morale is addressed, the staffing will no longer be an issue. The attrition rate will be lowered, employees will remain at the county longer and complete full careers. This will be done by addressing the current supervision model. No longer will we utilize micromanagement and fear to run the department. I will rely on placing good personnel in positions they desire and are qualified to be in. Relying on the employees, giving them pride in the department and in their job, once more.
Utilizing resources currently available, we can provide proper care through Parkland Hospital and their psychiatric department, I will invite them to have more of a presence within our jails, to make sure that those mentally ill inmates receive not only the required treatment but the best treatment available. Through my training section, I will ensure officers receive ongoing and continuing education on proper care, custody and control of mentally ill patients, improving our standards for many years to come.
The Sheriff's Office is to uphold the Constitution and laws of this country. With regards to ICE, I will uphold any lawful detainer given to this department. I will work with customs enforcement and invite them to work with my deputies and within my jail. I will ensure the rights of all citizens and inmates are upheld. But above all, my first duty is to the citizens of Dallas County and to protect their Constitutional Rights.
The two biggest issues are the Commissioners Court and the Sheriff's involvement with Dallas County Citizens. As the elected Sheriff, it will be my job to run the department, not the Commissioners. I will no longer allow the day to day operations to be dictated by the Commissioners Court, nor will I allow decisions to be made any longer solely based upon political gain. As far as citizen relations are concerned, I will bring back the Patrol section, taking back some of the districts that have been forgotten in Dallas County. I will also implement programs to put deputies back into communities. My deputies should interact directly with the community, so we can address issues important to the citizens, not just the politicians.