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Dallas County Sheriff (unexpired term )

4 year term. Must be 18 years or older, a US citizen, a resident of Texas and a resident of the county. Responsible for law enforcement in the county and operation of the county jail.
  • Eland J Sigler (Dem)

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    Marian Brown (Dem) Law Enforcement Officer

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    Roy Williams Jr (Dem) Elected Official/Constable, Precinct 4

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BACKGROUND: How does your work experience equip you to be able to run the nation’s 7th largest jail? Please be specific.

JAIL STAFFING & MORALE: What steps would you support to improve staffing levels and morale at the County Jail? How would you support those changes?

MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES: How would you insure that inmates receive proper mental health support while in jail?

IMMIGRATION: How do you view the Sheriff office’s responsibility regarding Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with respect to non-citizens in the Dallas County system?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be the most pressing for the county Sheriff and how would you address them?

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Education Bachelor / Arts
Campaign Phone (214) 458-6595
Twitter @Chiefmbrown14
I have been in law enforcement for thirty years. Twenty-five of those years have been in the management and leadership of law enforcement personnel, operations and processes. I have actively worked the law enforcement process from working the streets and answering calls, to scheduling shifts and people, to supervising and monitoring a small scale holding facility; to actively investigating crime scenes; to developing and managing a department budget; to responding to citizen complaints. I have managed people and learned how to lead people toward a common goal.
I would seek to participate in school programs which encourage a career path to law enforcement. We would participate I career fairs and advocate an employee incentive program which would reward employees for recruiting successful candidates. To address morale, I would keep lines of communication open with employees and listen to their concerns. I would LISTEN to employees and make sure that they know that Administration is sensitive to their issues, even when decisions are made that employees do not necessarily agree with. Oftentimes, people just need to know that they are heard.
We would conduct assessments of individuals as they enter the facility and classify them such that appropriate mental health support is provided. Also, we would partner with community resources to provide services to the inmates.
The Sheriff is, by statute, charged with holding individuals who are charged with crimes. The Sheriff is not charged with securing the borders of the nation. Therefore, once individuals have met their commitment to Dallas County concerning criminal charges, the individual is done with Dallas County. ICE may chose to take custody of the individual, but the individual is no longer in the charge of Dallas County per statutory requirement.
Enhancing police services to the unincorporated areas will be an area of focus, as will be helping to bridge the gap of trust between the community and law enforcement as a whole. To address these issues, we will assist the Unincorporated Services Department in addressing quality of life issues in affected areas, and also we will focus on our recently introduced department core values.
Age 49
Education BS in Criminal Justice (Management) (Summa Cum Laude) MS in Organizational Leadership (Feb '18)
Campaign Phone (214) 478-3113
Twitter @roywmsjr
As Constable of Precinct 4, I currently serve in an elected capacity, maintaining ultimate authority over the operations of the office, including the authority to hire and terminate personnel as well as direct their daily activities. I determine how to utilize all resources allocated to the office during the budget process, and I am responsible for performing traditional law enforcement functions. Additionally, I served 20+ years at the Sheriff's Office, where I achieved the rank of Investigator, assigned to Fugitive Extradition. As a Deputy, I was assigned to Court Services and the Training Academy. Finally, I began my career as a Detention Service Officer, responsible for the care, custody, and control of prisoners in Dallas County jail.
Staffing and recruitment has been an issue for many years. I feel the answer lies in raising the standards for employment. We will be active in job fairs, reach out to Veterans and Millennials, visit college campuses, and offer a liaison to work with members of various ethnic and social classes of society. Diversity will become our strength.

As for morale, I will implement 21st century leadership philosophies and methods that have proven to be successful. Considered as a transformational leader, I will accomplish this by establishing interpersonal relationships with the workforce, an area that has been severely neglected. Additionally, there will be an element of accountability at all levels of management and supervision.
I will continue the evaluation process during booking. The ongoing utilization of medical professionals and personnel and their identification and assessment of individuals with varying forms of mental illness will play a major role in getting individuals the treatment, assistance, and services they need while incarcerated.
Immigration status should be left to ICE officials. There will not be an overreach of law enforcement duties or authority. If Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) authorities determine that a subject in custody has an issue with immigration status, they must place a detainer on the subject. Upon satisfaction of all current charges or sentences, If there is no hold or detainer, the individual will be released, as there would be no legal reason to keep them incarcerated.
1. Reestablishing trust with Dallas County citizens. This will be achieved through community outreach and interaction. 2. Improving officer and workforce morale via effective 21st century leadership methods and processes. 3. Working with the judiciary, criminal justice professionals, and faith based organizations in addressing recidivism and criminal justice reform. 4. Focusing on inmate programs that provide a vehicle and mechanism for reentry into society. 5. Reducing wait time for officers during booking of subjects in Central Intake. A SWOT analysis will identify the weakness and threat. 6. Improving the time it takes for subjects to be released from custody (SWOT analysis). 7. Communication and transparency must improve.