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Dallas County Commissioner, Precinct No 2

4 year term. Must be 18 years or older, a US citizen, a resident of Texas and a resident of the district represented. Responsible for representing the citizens of the district in which he/she is elected in the Commissioners Court which conducts the general business of the county and oversees financial matters.
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    Wini Cannon (Dem) ATTORNEY

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BUDGET: What areas of the budget would you like to see increased or decreased during the next term? Please be specific.

PARKLAND HOSPITAL: What measures do you support to improve patient services at Parkland Hospital?

PUBLIC HEALTH: How would you assess the adequacy of the County’s planning for threats to public health from illnesses like influenza, Zika, Ebola, etc? What changes, if any, would you support?

VOTING: How would you assess the County’s efforts in the areas of voter registration and election operations? What changes, if any, would you support?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be the most pressing in the county and what is your position on these issues?

Age 63
Education BA, Govt & Politics, UMD MA, International Relations,UMD JD, Antioch Law LLM, Southern Methodist Law
Campaign Phone (972) 325-8856
My approach to the County budget is to create new revenue streams to increase the budget. This can be accomplished by identifying revenue growth opportunities so that current programs, personnel, and initiatives may be sustained and expanded (without the necessity of raising taxes). Revenue generation and the creation of a cost savings plan are my priorities. Secondarily, I would review all budget items to ascertain where cost savings may be achieved to ensure efficient and effective county government.
a. Signage of the Hospital / Digital Map. Digital signs and color-coordinated divisions are ideas which can surmount the problem of finding one's way around the hospital. b. Managing Patient Check Out Check out can be tied up by waiting for x-ray and lab results. Instead of tying up these much-needed beds for new patients, Parkland can establish ‘The Almost Home Room’ which can facilitate the reduction of traffic around hallways and reception desks. c. Speeding up Referral to eliminate months of waiting for appointments. Clinical practices with times reserved for new referral is one solution. d. Provide iconography cards to help non-English speaking persons express themselves to staff when no family member or interpreter is available.
Dallas County received a perfect score from CDC (Center for Disease Control) and Texas DHS (Department of Health Services) on public health preparedness in 2014. The County's Medical Reserve Corp should continue to get support particularly in the area of recruiting more volunteers and funding. POD (Point of Dispensing) Programs adopted by the County to enable the County to dispense medical countermeasures to affected populations efficiently (2.4 million within 48 hours) are crucial following a catastrophic public health event. Traditional methods to achieve this timeframe include developing plans with public and private entities that disburse medications. It is important to look at eco-friendly ways of dealing with mosquito spraying.
The Dallas County Election Department (DCED) hosts and coordinates various registration drives throughout Dallas County.

These events are calculated to lead into the annual Dallas County Registration Day which can be seriously improved upon by having a public campaign about these drives. The plan in place needs greater exposure to increase response for volunteers. DCED can improve its efforts by actively forming relationships with private organizations, faith-based entities, ISD and other civic groups to strategically plan for increased voter registration.

The DCED should provide more information on election operations.
Workforce • Maintain a diverse, talented, and capable workforce to execute Dallas County functions. • Pay employees market rate salaries and tie in an incentive-based compensation plan to motivate and reward employees. b. Public Safety • Facilitate public engagement to discuss public safety issues; hold a conference of cities to implement strategies based upon citizen input. • Crime Reduction. • Identify clear lines of communication and determine opportunities for collaboration. • Collaborate with regional partners to provide alternative sentencing options for offenders. • Align crime prevention and prosecution goals with Dallas County governmental agencies (Sheriff, Constable, District Attorney, City Police Departments, and others).